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Supposed to sleep right after work today but I remembered I have to be a responsible blogger and post a new blog entry. I am exhausted beyond words which is the price you pay when you go out on a Monday night. Spontaneously picked up by Swiss Army who was so excited to have his new GPS (and not get lost around Calgary) and drove by Peter's Drive-In for some good ol' famous milkshake that I have no idea whatsoever until last night. After almost 8 months in this city, all I've memorized are the shopping places. I seriously need a Calgarian who can show me around. Any takers? :)

Moving on, please do not take my title seriously...I do not have the blues. In fact, I am feeling totally the opposite of that. I'm all giddy, happy and excited lately. Look at the outfit and take it literally though.

The house was left to me the whole weekend since everyone went to Banff. I've decided a while back that I'm gonna have ME time all weekend but instead I went shopping at Southcentre with Dee last Friday and got myself these new wedge booties from Spring (last pair + my size = SOLEMATE), oxfords from Steve Madden and a loot from Ardene composed of a new ring and 2 OTK socks as a reward for myself cos im just 5 pounds away from my original weight. WOOT WOOT!!!

I was in my sweats, nibbling on popcorn and watching Mean Girls on TV when my phone rang...It was Dee saying she's coming over and bringing some wine. I thought, "Screw ME time, I always have fun with Dee anyway." A few minutes later, Dee was knocking at my door with a bottle of Astii Martini champagne instead of wine...This calls for a celebration! I changed into this outfit and we took turns taking outfit photos. I know you guys always see the 1st floor of the house but now it's time that you see what is upstairs. Not that this house is mine...I live here, yes but I don't own it (I wish!). I popped the champagne after taking photos, prepared some salami, cheese, pita, challah, guacamole, humus and we sat in front of the TV watching The Devil Wears Prada. When the mouse is away and the weather is shitty...staying in with your BFF is your best bet. 
What did you do last weekend? ;)

beso ♥

top: Vireo
shorts: Value Village
wedge booties: Spring
rings: Aldo and Ardene

photos by Dee


Mars said...

Wow, your house is beautiful! And you look tall and slim in that outfit. I only noticed it now, you have such beautiful facial contours! :)

Mars fashion insouciance

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

sounds like an awesome day. :) bathroom photos are always so fun. somehow i feel very comfortable and "at home" in the bathroom. i guess coz that's where i can go naked (obv to shower. lol)


Kristy said...

I love Asti Martini champagne, it's my favorite bubbles!:) And yes, that definitely calls for celebration and a little dressing up time ;) 5lbs away from your weight goal? Girl, you're on a roll! Keep it up :)

I crushed my toe over the weekend from constructing an IKEA bookcase :)


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

stunning. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

michelle_ said...

and yes i love toilet shots ! they're just... fun ? lol.. i really do love taking photos in toilets :D

glisters and blisters

Kookie B. said...

i love the bath tub shots! that house is soooo nice!!! lovin the boots too!

KD faustino said...

im so happy that you guys love this blog entry because i love the photos in this batch too :)