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Pretty sure that everyone is still sleepy after waking up one hour before their usually waking up time. Hellowwww, spring forward! It would've been less brutal if I slept much this weekend but I unfortunately didn't. I slept 4 am Friday (or should I say, Saturday?) after watching Beastly with Gosling and talking nonsense/sense till the wee hours. I had to wake up 10ish the next day to go to work then I had a few hours to just relax before meeting up the girls for some drinks at Hudson's before heading to the Parkshow. The Parkshow didn't turn out as I expected, I was a bit disappointed with some aspects but that would be for a whole different entry. While everyone else went to Hifi after the show, Ash and I decided to stick around, drink a couple more, danced a bit until her hubby picked us up. I was home at midnight before the car turns into a pumpkin but Cinderella was up till 2 editing photos from the show ;)

Sunday was supposedly for Breakfast Club but I was too tired from Friday and Saturday that I decided to just stay in and watch "How Do You Know" only to remember that I owe Gary some meal. Since it was amazing 8C degrees on Sunday, I decided to just text him and go out for sushi. We had happy hour lovers boat sushi deluxe at Sakana Grill, talked, laughed and went home at 4 pm. By 5 pm, I was asleep like a baby.

That's my weekend for ya. How was your weekend, lovelies?

This cropped shirt was one of those shirts I got for $10 from Vireo's sale. I've been wearing it all weekend. I am in loooooooove ♥♥♥

beso ♥

cropped top: Vireo
leather shorts: thrited from the Philippines
socks: Joe
wedge booties and connector ring: F21
fedorea: Ardene


Kristy said...

mmmmmm I want those leather shorts <3
I hate "spring forward" :( I want my 1 hour back!!!


KD faustino said...

Thanks Kristy! I want my one hour back tooooooooooo :(

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Love your top, and of course your leather shorts! So great. Can't wait to hang out again. I can't believe we were in the middle of the dance circle! lol.

KD faustino said...

Thanks Ash!!! Me too! Hopefully I can go this Friday! X'd fingers!!

michelle_ said...


glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

thanks michelle! x

ek said...

i like all ur photos in this post. galing tlga! i lovett it promise!

Anonymous said...

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