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Woke up to a gloomy and snowy Wednesday morning after days of having sunshine and warmth. They say that this is exactly what Calgary is for ya! But after hearing all the devastating things happening all over the world, the least I can do is complain on Calgary's weather no matter how horrible it is.

These photos are way loooooooong overdue. I think we shot this a month ago but due to my Norovirus, meeting up and getting my USB from Amy got delayed and delayed some more. We shot this one lovely Saturday morning after having an enormous amount of breakky at Denny's, a bus and a train ride. Amy and I took turns in taking outfit photos of each other (Here are the photos I took of her: http://www.amyflyingakite.com/2011/02/leopard-bear.html) and swore that we would do this again next time when our hands won't be shivering (Amy almost got frost bite! Her fingers literally turned blackish after the shoot and we had to rush to the bathroom to let hot water run down her fingers!). We found solace at Second Cup drinking chai tea and eating cookies...eventually getting annoyed by text messages and deciding to drink!

We went back to Amy's place first where we had pizza, sausage, cheese for dinner. Her mom started mixing drinks for us (our trick to not spending too much on alcohol at Ship LOL!) and by 9, we were ready to go! Amy let her floppy rest and I changed my maxi to shorts (Thank God, I fit in Amy's shorts for I don't wanna go to a pub in a maxi skirt!). We headed to Ship and Anchor (Where else? DUH.)--I had my usual vodka 7 and Amy, her signature gin + soda. Met some cool, interesting people and bumped into some people that we NEVER thought we'd ever see again. Tummies turned upside down and lips swore like it never swore before! There are more stories in between but it is for us to keep and all I can say is...EPIC.

beso ♥

sweater and maxi skirt: Forever 21
coat: Mackage
tank top: Joe
beanie: Ardene
boots and ring: H&M


samantha erin said...

These photos are really lovely!

One of these days I'm going to have to join you two for a night at the Ship.

KD faustino said...

you have to, sam!!!!! take a saturday day off!!!

fashioneggpplant said...

love your looks! so stylish. i will definitely be back :)


amy said...

The pictures are wonderful miss Kd.

As always, I enjoy our ship nights together* My sweets! Many more to come.. :)


KD faustino said...

thank you, fashioneggplant! sucha cute blog name! will visit urs soon x

KD faustino said...

Amy, my love, thanks for these photos! You are always wonderful!!! Love you, precious~

Anonymous said...

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KANI said...

love the use of the maxi here! looks gorgeous :)

Lloyda said...

omg! i want your skirt so bad!!!