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Woke up from a nap today feeling all grumpy, hungry and exhausted. It was seriously bad timing for those people who sent me a text. I became this brutally blunt bitch which I would never ever really do in real life. Thinking now if I should take back what I've said or stand by it since it's what I wanted to say all along (just didn't have the guts to). I seriously think that it is loooong overdue and my friends think I am wasting my time but it's hard when it suddenly becomes a routine/bad habit. So lets see how things would go after I take a long warm shower and dinner. I will definitely keep you guys posted.

Moving on, this is what I wore last last weekend when Dee and I went to Chinook for some sushi and shopping (got myself this hat and runners because it is 50% off plus I've been using the same ol' runners for the past 5 years!). This is as casual I can get. I didn't know I wore too much skirt lately but I do believe that jeans (when styled right) are as sexy as hell. Agree? :)

I've been looking for the perfect floppy hat for months and finally found the one! I got this hat at Chapel hats for $35 which is a little pricier than the ones I've seen in Aldo, etc. but I've always known how floppy I wanted the floppy hat to be and this is just perfectly right on! I am thinking of getting another one in khaki with prolly a different "flop"...Chapel hats is amaziiiiiiiiiing if you are looking for those hats that you never ever thought you would find. I think hats can make any outfit look stylish and interesting when it was just supposed to be bland. They say shoes should be the exclamation point of any outfit but I think a hat could do that too ;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies~ 

I am supporting Bellisima Fashion's advocacy. For every "LIKE", they would donate $1 to the Japanese disaster relief. Help us reach $3000 by liking their facebook page. Because compassion is always in fashion~

beso ♥

top: Joe
faux fur vest: Vireo
jeans and skull scarf: People are People
boots: Value Village 
floppy hat: Chapel
belt: Ardene 
bag: Aldo 

photos by Dee


camerafilmroll said...

The colors are awesome! Linked you! (:

KD faustino said...

awwww! thanks babe x

michelle_ said...

so lucky you got it 50% off !! and yes jeans are pretty sexy esp when the cut it correct !

boys love a good tush ;)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

the floppiness of the hat looks perfect on you. lovin the blue and red though. :)


KD faustino said...

boys love the tush, indeed. lol! thanks michelle x

KD faustino said...

it is definitely the perfect hat for me, janelle! :)

Kristy said...

I love floppy hats, too! Mine has a wide brim and it blocks my visual from time to time. I need my boyfriend to guide me, especially when we're in a busy downtown neighborhood. Stylish YES, practical NOT SO MUCH :p


Britt+Whit said...

I can totally related about the blunt bitch hahaha. I love your style and your blog name. So cute!

love from San Francisco,