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conquering Cochrane in a blazer

I hate myself for not working out today but I've been just really busy with work, my blog and my blog's facebook page plus I am nursing a terrible flu. Yup, you read it right! 
It's now on its second day with over a 100 fans but if you haven't "LIKE"-d it, here is the link: 

Moving on, here are some photos from last weekend. It was just packed!!! I thought I'll have a steady Friday when Gosling texted me and the next thing I know I was having a strawberry smoothie with a greasy sampler of mozarella sticks, chicken fingers and onion rings at Denny's. We were supposed to watch the LFS of Beastly but ended up watching Unknown instead cos it was sold out. Ended the night with a cup of decaf french vanilla coffee, a vanilla doughnut at Timmy's and a whole lot of just honest to goodness talk.

Saturday, I met up with Dee and Banj to do some quick shopping at Market Mall before heading to Cochrane. I was just supposed to get a satchel bag from H&M but ended up getting another sling bag plus 2 fur vests and 3 cropped tops!!! I do have an excuse for the splurge though... First, I've been busting my ass off working OT and part-time to pay for "luxury" like these (so I don't have to get it from my main salary). Second, all items in that store was just $5-$10 each so I ended up spending just $45 for 5 items!!!

We arrived in Cochrane just a few minutes before the sunset thus the breathtaking view. Stories of that faithful weekend at Cochrane to follow ;) 

beso ♥


blazer: Armani
sweater: Joe
jeggings: Costa Blanca
boots: Spring
socks: H&M
beanie and ring: Ardene

photos by: Grace and Dee


Cee said...

Love your hat! Perfect for cold weather- which you obviously experience a lot of in Calgary...! I'm your newest follower; I blog from Vancouver and we Canadian girls need to stick together :) Hope you feel better soon. I can sympathise with feeling guilty about not exercising, but the gym will always be there tomorrow :)

KD faustino said...

Hey Cee! thank you! I would actually feel so much better if I had to leave the house to work out but the treadmill is just right beside me :( anyhooo, thanks for following my blog! x

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aww, u still have snow there... it's all melted here in vancity. YAY! :))


Anonymous said...

Take off the sunglasses i bet your eyes are nice! Be yourself more let it all out fashion is not of the eye its of the soul. What are you? Who are you? that represent yourself through your clothes don't let the clothes represent you. Are you a flower or a vixen? Are you bee or a black widow? there is more to you then these posts meet the eye isn't there. You know it let yourself dream!

KD faustino said...

oh janelle, i hate you right now. LOL! no, i love you, doll! i hate calgary. lol

KD faustino said...

Dear Anonymous,

My eyes are definitely beautiful :) See later posts :)Let us not take this too seriously, shall we?

Much love,

LoveE ♥ said...

You look beautiful! Love how it all ties together!

I am now following! :) Follow me at: http://itsthedollhousebaby.blogspot.com/

KD faustino said...

thank youuuu love! will sure check out ur blog x