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So here's the story of my Cochrane weekend: FOOD COMA. Yup, that's it in a nutshell. After losing 7 amazing pounds because of the virus I caught 2 weeks ago, I gained 3 pounds back all because of one weekend in Cochrane. All it took was an overnight stay and poof, I am a pig again! OINK!

 We arrived in Cochrane 5-ish and had this amazing Nilagang Baboy with white rice. Karaoke was on, started belting out like there's no tomorrow and after just a few hours, we were eating again. This time it was pancit and lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls) and a chocolate croissant for dessert then it was time for some vodka 7, Doritos and Pilipinas Got Talent on TFC. 12-ish, I took off my sparkly glittery eye make-up and went to sleep. Zzzzz...

Here are some random photos from my fun weekend at Cochrane :)
On the way home, detour to Brag Creek 

I am proud to say that I rolled these Spring Rolls!

It is Vodka 7 and karaoke weekend!

Asked Grace to cook me my fave Filipino dish: SINIGANG NA BABOY!!! 

KISSY KISSY! Hamming it up with Dee :)

Sunday breakky made by sous chef ME :)

Singing 90's songs with Gary on the way back to Calgary.

Peanut Butter cookies from Timmy's :)

Perfect pancakes made by Chef Gracey :)

Still in my jammies watching ASAP :)

I don't know what it is with Cochrane but I always get to sleep in (we definitely stayed inside the house all weekend cos it was just too cold to go anywhere)...maybe it's the air or sleeping in someone else's bed. Whatever it is, we all woke up 9:30ish, cooked some Canadian breakky (as we call it)-- pancakes, eggs, hotdog and hot cocoa. Watched ASAP for a bit while criticizing showbiz people (a.k.a. "Ang taba naman ni __________!!! LOL!) then tuned in to Maalala Mo Kaya while drinking fresh Avocado shake made by Grace. As if we weren't full enough, we were served with Sinigang na Baboy + white rice for lunch...one of my all-time fave Filipino dishes which I don't get to eat cos I live with Jewish people and out of respect, I just don't eat pork around them.

I went to Cochrane empty-handed but I came home with a TV, a microwave, a full tummy and fun memories with my lovelies. I am blessed =) 

How do you like my new satchel? :)

beso ♥

coat: Fairweather
top: George
jeggings: Costa Blanca
boots: Spring
satchel bag: H&M
beanie and gloves: Ardene

outfit photos by: Dee


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

your satchel looks awesome! and you look good with your aviators! wish i can pull that off, but no. HAHAHA


Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Looks like an amazing weekend! I love all your photos in this post. And those boots. LOVE!!

michelle_ said...

can i have your bag pretty please ?
it's one of the most beautiful satchels i've ever seen !!

glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

Janelle, awwww! I am lucky! It's hard to find glasses for my face actually! It always hits my cheekbones! lol! thanks doll!x

KD faustino said...

Ash, thank you so much! I'm actually surprised with how the pics turned out esp. the food pictures! I think I'm getting the hang of my camera! Thank you! see you tom!!

KD faustino said...

Michelle!!!! Awwww! really? I love this satchel! I hope they come out with other colors as well!!! Thanks!~

Kristy said...

I'm no Filipino but I LOVE SINIGANG!:D Especially in winter months, mmmm... salivating!

On a more fashiony note, I love your satchel and sparkly eyes :)


KD faustino said...

Do you?? It is absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Kristy ~