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of stripes and knee highs

Thank God for this holiday, I was able to sleep in and recover from the past two days that I've been sleeping late. My body is still sore though from the whole long weekend extravaganza but at least I can just lay down in bed allllllllll day today. I imagined Mondays to be like this every single Monday...a girl can only dream!

With no rest after work last Friday, I headed straight to Chinook with Dee and shopped until the mall closed. I got myself a new cutesy sweater from Forever 21, a whole lotta socks from Joe (for only $1.94 each!!!) and a bunch of stuff from Ardene--rings, hats, watches and scarves (my receipt said that I saved $51!!!). Then we drove to Westhills with her friend to watch Just Go with It (really funny, Adam Sandler still has IT) and was dragged to a casino to watch people gamble and drink vodka 7 by the bar. I think I got home at 3 am when I planned to go home at 10 pm.

Saturday was a whole different story. 'Twas definitely EPIC BEYOND WORDS but I will leave that glorious day for another blog post...just cos it deserves it ;)

I hate how the pictures for this blog post turned out. The sun definitely wasn't out and it was about -30 outside. I find it funny how bloggers brave the snowy freezing weather just to take outfit photos and share it with their readers. The things we do for our blogs, hey? 

Promise to have more decent photos for my next post. 
Enjoy the rest of the loooooooong weekend, lovelies x

beso ♥

striped blazer: thrifted from the Philippines
sweater: Joe
skirt: Winners
wedge booties: Chinese Laundry
hat: Ardene
ring: Forever 21


Robyn said...

I love everything about this look. The socks and boots over tights combo is fantastic.

KD faustino said...


Noelle Chantal said...

Lovely outfit! Happy Family Day to you! Love the hat and those boots! :)

KD faustino said...

thanks noelle :)

Karoline Kalvø said...

Gorgeous. Love your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
Karoline Kalvo

KD faustino said...

thanks love! will definitely check it out! x

daphne said...

this is an awesome look. i've always loved beanies, but we can't wear them often here in the Philippines. Saaad.

prettypinkponies said...

AW..you're adorable.