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keeping it neutral

TGIF lovelies!!!
This week came by soooo fast compared to last week which is always a good thing. I am sitting in front of my laptop, 15 minutes away from starting my last day at work but I couldn't be more ecstatic! This weekend would be so wonderful. Tonight, I am having dinner and watching Blue Valentine with a real-life Ryan Gosling :) and then tomorrow, I work part-time in the morning and then sushi at night with my friend Chris and maybe another trip to the cinema? I smell No Strings Attached :) Sunday, there would be another edition of Breakfast Club! PACKEDDDDD!!!!

This is what I wore to the Fashion Industry Mixer last Wednesday. Wanted to take my new boots for a spin (sadly though, these boots are not made for walking or standing at a mixer for hours!) and what better way to do it than keep everything neutral. I miss wearing these shorts that I got for less than $1 at a thrift store back home...perfect for winter and for dressier events where you'd rather wear shorts than a skirt. Oh, my vintage top is really vintage! I got it as a gift from my boss' mom. Interesting finds make any wardrobe or outfit interesting, don't you think? :)

The Fashion Industry Mixer was more than I've ever hoped for! It was overwhelming to meet so many lovely people from the industry in just one night! Will be sharing photos and stories on my next post. For now, I must work! Ciao, bellas! x

beso ♥

vintage top: gift
winter shorts: thrifted from the Philippines
wedge booties: Chinese Laundry
ring: Forever 21
necklace: Rockwell bazaar


ching said...

oooh it's been a while since i've visited your blog, im liking your new header. i cant wait for your stories.

KD faustino said...

oooh thanks for coming back ching!!! x

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

OOOH, real life ryan gossling ha... blooming ka. HAHA :P kwento and pictures soon dear. :P


KD faustino said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! next time for sure!!!! everyone's asking for photos! it's so funny and kyooot all at the same time :P

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahhh your outfit looks very nice!!

KD faustino said...

thank you girly xxx