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Two weekends ago when Dee and I were strolling Downtown, we got to stopped by Betsey Johnson for the first time ever. I've never ever been to any Betsey Johnson store cos we don't have it in our very tiny island so I was all giddy when I opened the door to heaven!!! Most of you guys would know that I am not really a fan of anything too flashy or colorful (yes, say it...i have a boring wardrobe!) but I've always admired the quirky stuff from Betsey as I see it on the runway. To my surprise, most of the things from there aren't actually THAT crazy...for someone who's always loved the neutrals! The first thing I saw was this pink leopard jacket with statement shoulders (kind of reminded me of the blue leopard jacket I got from my grandma's closet)...I had to try it on!!! Can i say I died? It was so perfect and flashy in all the right places! I would've stopped from then on but the sales representatives at Betsey were so nice. They got me other pieces to try on. I think they thought I was their Barbie...which I didn't mind, of course! Kind of felt like I was Rachel Zoe for a day, actually ;) 

I tried the black version of the leopard jacket which was also the cheaper/on sale version. PERFECTION!!!! I think I would've bought it if I wasn't trying to tighten my belt and saving up for rainy days! Then I tried another vintage-y coat which is actually more of Amy's style than mine and this black cropped jacket too. I couldn't actually believe that everything I tried on was the perfect fit and mind you, a size smaller than my original size! 

this one was on sale and goes for just $100

this is $300+

i will see you soon, Betsey!!! x
Sadly, I walked out of the store empty handed :( I put the leopard jacket on hold but $300 is just too much for a jacket that I would probably wear for a limited time due to this cold weather. I would've come back for the black one though cos it would be more versatile and easier on the pocket...but I didn't. I guess I know the art of self-control already and not buying things out of impulse. So proud of myself! But I will definitely come back for you, Betsey Johnson! J'adore x

beso ♥

photos by Dee


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i know how u feel when it's so gorgeous yet so expensive. that's like me everyday when i window shop online. HAHA!!


KD faustino said...

I think its so much harder when you've tried the piece on though! Diiiiiiie :(

Kookie B. said...

That leopard blazer is hot!

KD faustino said...

Definitely hot!!!!

Denise said...

love those huge tutus hanging on the ceiling.

fashionassist said...

Love the post!
How can one not love super-femme designer Betsey Johnson? Her girly, frilly, ruffly style may not be for everybody but her sense of fun sure is.
Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun that day at Betsey's store. Gotta love all those red tutus...how fun are they!!!

KD faustino said...

OOOH i didn't even notice the tutus on the ceiling until you guys told me! smacks forehead!

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Have I told you how enchanting and beautiful you are KD? I think the world, and beyond of you. You're precious, and I wuvvvvvv you.

Let's get together for some more Betsey Johnson fun sometime next month?

Mwah xox

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

My cousin and I stopped in Betsey yesterday. Aren't all the dresses there darling??

KD faustino said...

Amy, you are so precious too! you make life so wonderful!!!! yes, lets betsey! I NEED TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KD faustino said...

ash, i bet you were at betsey to find a bachelorette party dress? so fun these dresses!!