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As I've mentioned on my last post, I was invited to the Fashion Industry Mixer last Wednesday at the Gerry Thomas Gallery. The event's purpose was "to help create community amongst industry professionals in Calgary by presenting a networking opportunity for boutique/business owners, stylists, models, designers, photographers and media."

Indeed, the event was a great opportunity for fashion industry people to greet and meet each other. I arrived there promptly at 7 pm together with another blogger/friend Amy. The venue was very "Sex and the City" gallery chic. There were photos and arts of several local artists, a DJ spinning some music and a bar filled with whatever drink you can imagine. The place was packed in a matter of minutes. Who knew fashion people are fashionably on time?

The event was pretty overwhelming. I was surprised to meet people who actually knew who I was, my blog site and what I'm all about. It was nice to be referred to as 
"the girl with the messy hair" :)

http://calgaryfashion.ca's fashion editor Adriana Sveen

what i wore? see this previous blog post

 Danielle Mossfeldt of http://deathbyshoe.com

Ashley Reid of http://opheliac.com/ and Ashley Chesney of http://lionslacelattes.blogspot.com/

It was nice catching up with my fellow Calgarian bloggers too! I haven't seen most of them in a loooong time! There were some PR people from Calgary too who are cooking up something exclusively for us Calgarian bloggers. YAY!!!

Went home giddy and just excited with the turn out of events that fateful Wednesday night-- 
both for the blog and my personal life. 
 Now, I can finally taste it and it tastes like cherry vodka! Yum! 

See y'all there x

beso ♥

Those without photo credits are taken by yours truly. If you plan to use these photos, please link it back to my site. Thank you. 


Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Yah! I've been looking forward to your post on the event. I'm working on mine still. So busy right now! eep. I didn't know there is something in the works for us Calgary bloggers! So exciting. And I just can't wait for March 12th. It was so good to hang out again. We need to meet up more regularly after the wedding. :)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

yes naman :) lol... excited for your new "projects!" hehe


KD faustino said...

yaaaaaaay ash!!!!! i can't wait to hang out full time with all of you my lovely calgarian bloggers!!!!

KD faustino said...

janelle, thanks! don't you just wish you live in calgary! LOL :)

cryskay said...

the mixer sounds like a lot of fun! love your shoes. xo

KD faustino said...

it was! thanks cryskay!!!