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deceitful in grey

Don't let the sunny and blue skies deceive you, it is still winter here in Calgary. Yup, I braved the cold once again to get these shots. You are looking at -28 degrees. My hands were freezing and my bum as well from not wearing gloves and wearing a shorty short skirt. Nonetheless, it is perfectly worth it cos I loved how the shots turned out. You'll be seeing more of these brightly-lit shots prolly when Spring is in full bloom. I am guessing that won't be anytime soon cos I looked at the weather for the next 14 days and it is still the same -10 to -30 awful coldness. 

As if the cold isn't enough to make me gloomy, I had the most terrible weekend of my life. I was working last Saturday for my boss' mom when I suddenly felt nauseous after lunch. I thought it was only because I over ate (think steak, salad and sweet yam) but I kept coming back to the washroom vomiting like crazy. I rarely get sick so I told my boss that I cannot stay and work for another minute. My sweet boss drove me to the clinic instead of driving me home and I still stayed in the washroom for as long as I can remember suffering from diarrhea and nausea. The nurse had to put me into a room, let me lie down as I was holding to the pan (in case I feel the need to vomit and I'm telling you, I still did a couple of times in that room!!) like my dear life depended on it. It is true though, I never felt so sick in my entire life. I felt like my tummy was being punched over and over again. It was so painful I screamed a couple of times. Alas, the doctor came and said that I am suffering from Norovirus which is highly contagious and I must have possibly gotten it somewhere...anywhere, actually. I was advised to rest, go under liquid diet for two days and no dairy for the next 4-5 days.

I'm so sorry if that story made you guys sick out of your stomach but some people from twitter tweeted me that they had it too and it is really very horrible. I am still in bed nursing from that experience. I thought I was gonna die...the stomach cramps were that severe, I'm not exaggerating! All I've been drinking since yesterday was Gatorade although I did have asparagus soup today for lunch while watching No Strings Attached to kill my boredom. My tummy still acts up every now and then but not as terrible as last night. I haven't vomited too ever since I started taking the meds but I've been drowsy and sleeping like a baby cos of it. I feel gross and i've been imagining some greasy bad food like burger and fries as I eat my soup. On the brighter side, I do hope I loss some unwanted weight cos of this.

Okay, that's it for now. I better rest and eat asparagus soup with Gatorade...once again. Being sick sucks.

beso ♥

fur vest: Winners
top: thrifted from the Philippines
skirt: given by a friend
tights: Joe
boots: Spring
ring: Ardene
necklace: S


michelle_ said...

two thumbs up for going in the cold for the photos.. i could never do what you did !!
i hope the weather will get better though !

glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

HAHAHA! desperate measures, mich! thanksssssssss x

Kookie B. said...

look at you, looking all hippie during cold weather! loves it!

KD faustino said...

awwww thanks kookie! x

camerafilmroll said...

If Singapore was cold enough (as if it will ever be, haha), I would wear fur every day!!!

Hazel said...

omygosh! hope you're doing better now! just by reading what you've gone through made it like a very bad and painful experience indeed!.. and man, i wish it's snowing here in the philippines hahah :D it's getting hotter already! :(

KD faustino said...

ohhh you guys wouldn't want this kind of weather, believe me!!!

monchinee said...

i think this would have to be a favourite of mine!!!
love it so much!!