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a dash of plaid, sequins and studs

I am writing from my bed, drinking a glass of soy milk and eating a bowl of noodles instead of cereal, just because the weather calls for it. Calgary's weather is just shitty cold again this week and from the looks of it, it will be going on until next week. All I can think about now is flying somewhere sunny like back to my country or Hawaii but since I can't possibly leave Canada for now, maybe BC is my best bet. I swear one day you'll just read from my twitter or from my facebook that I am in the airport, BC-bound purely out of impulse. I was in Anthropology yesterday with Amy and I read that people who are born on September 24 act on impulse and the irrational decisions they do are more right than when they are careful. So yeah, maybe I should just trust my instincts more and just go with it. After all, they always say that if it feels right then just go with it. I've never really been that spontaneous in my life although I do have my moments but I've always thought of myself as a planner. But lately with how the things are turning out, I just might really go where the waves would take me. Seems scary but what the heck, I am young, I am free, the sun still shines so the hell with it!

Anyway, here's what I wore last Friday when I went shopping with Dee. I know plaid is making a comeback this Spring and I just can't wait for all the snow to melt down, wear a romper and some clogs for a change! I am seriously getting tired of wearing tights and winter socks! I think I don't know how it feels not to have socks anymore...SERIOUSLY.

This week is just brutal because of last weekend's holiday. Work load is heavier than the usual and I am back to working out which is always hard when you've allowed yourself to rest and binge for a while. I am just looking forward to this steady weekend at home by my lonesome while I relive the crazy fun moments I've had from the last. Promise to share them with you on my next post! For now, I must lie in bed, watch Gossip Girl and sleep early. Ciao~

I am disappointed with F21's nail polish. 
It chips easily...just look at that whole pointing finger 
nail without any polish on. Uggggggggh. 

beso ♥

plaid jacket: thrifted from the Philippines
top and harem pants: Zara
boots: Spring
beanie and cross connector ring: Forever 21
shades: Aldo


Marinela said...

Oh I would kill to experience winter and wear winter clothes!!! You're a Filipino, right? Right now it's so sunny and hot here in the Philippines that all I can wear are sleeveless clothes...
Glad to know you're a fan of gossip girl, too. :) And that plaid jacket is really nice and gossip girl-ish.


KD faustino said...

yup, I am from the Philippines too!!! alam ko super mainit jan so cge Hawaii nalang or Mexico! LOL :)

fashionassist said...

Great pics, j'adore your sequin beanie!
Love, love, love that despite the cold weather you put on a great Spring-like outfit and defied ‘Old Man Winter’s' wintery chill on your style ~

KD faustino said...

you always say the best compliments, dear! i love youuuuuuuuu~