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i can see right through you

there are only two types of email, the one that makes your day and the one that doesn't. my mailbox is usually full of emails from blog comments, new twitter followers and updates from back at home from one of my BFFs, Abby. Abby and i would normally take pictures of the new stuff that we shopped, the story behind it and other stories that made or ruined our days. i've always looked forward to her mails because lately i haven't been shopping (i am officially broke since the whole december extravaganza) and i am just so stressed and swamped at work and my personal life is not that great either. 

but then there would come the occasional email that would totally turn your day around...the ones that can make you happy or sad. this time though, i got both but since this is a blog and not a journal, i would like to share with you this awesome email i received from Alex Maxwell of PinkRed (a Toronto-based PR company):

Dear Kristine, 

"My name is Alex and I just wanted to write and say that I’m a regular reader and big fan of your blog. Your innovative blog content on cost-conscious beauty, fashion and style trends, I must admit, influences me when I’m looking around the shops. Your incredible knowledge of new trends and eye for detail is undoubtedly the reason for your many loyal readers, myself and my entire office included!

You have a really good eye for piecing things together, I really enjoy reading your updates on what you are wearing out of the house. I always feel it’s better to see fashion trends on real people. Also, the breakfast club sounds amazing. I’m very envious."

  Readers like these make blogging worthwhile. When i met my fellow Calgarian bloggers, I felt like someone finally knows how i feel-- from taking countless shots and not having too many great ones, editing pictures, reaching the bandwidth limit, squeezing blogging into a busy work schedule and the likes. Blogging is not easy. Yes, sometimes it feels like a job but a job that you feel like you're not working a day in your life, as the quote would say.

Alex Maxwell proposed something to me that would make my readers happy!!! I hope it comes through and I just might have my first blog giveaway! Stay tuned! x
oh about the outfit, did you think it was bare underneath? GOTCHA! looks like it but it actually just have a neutral lining! but i like the effect. i think it's sexaaaaayyy! but still classy...just the way i like it :)

beso ♥

top: BeDazzled
skirt: F21
socks: Joe
shearling boots: Spring
fedora: Ardene
bracelet: Garage


Sharon (The Backseat Stylers) said...

I agree - blogging is hard work; it's so nice to get a pat on the back. Yours is well-deserved! Can't wait to see what you and PinkRed have in store for us! ;)

Christopher Renaud said...

Great post, and that is great news about the PR company!!! We still have to do a photoshoot when the weather gets better and I am not in BC. Keep up the good work.

KD faustino said...

will surely keep you and the other readers posted, sharon! :)

KD faustino said...

yes, chris! we must!!! i need a make-up artist though! i want a portfolio shot! lol

Marinela said...

wow! that e-mail is really such a pick-me-upper! i agree with you, blogging can be tedious because most of us are very busy, but our readers keep us going. i hope you will continue receiving such inspiring messages. :)

much love,

Marinela said...

oh, and i am now a follower. :) want to see more of you!

ching said...

woow. those kinds of email make blogging worthwhile. :D
and your skirt is awesome!

Kristy said...

sweet emails from fellow bloggers and readers can definitely brighten up a day :)

I love the mix of fancy skirt with the graphic tshirt! Glamorous yet casual :)


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aw, alex is such a sweetiepie :)


JoewardM said...

i super love the whole outfit! esp the skirt. GORGEOUS! :]

KD faustino said...

he is a sweetie! thank you for loving the outfit too! x

crystal glamour said...

love your outfit :)

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KD faustino said...


hmmm...tempting giveaway!!!