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head to toe black and blue

hello, monday! 
so remember from my last post i said that i'm going to Cochrane this weekend? well, it didn't quite push through. Grace had to cancel the last minute and Dee and I were already in Downtown having lunch at an Irish Pub so we thought that we just might as well stay (and the weather was so good for us to stay in). The supposed Cochrane trip ended up with a full day Downtown taking pictures, strolling around, window shopping and shopping at Winners (got myself a $16 fur vest! will show you in the next few posts). Always trust Dee and I to make the most out of the worst possible situations ;) then for dinner, we went to Subway to try the $5 footlooooooooooong that everyone's been talking about! for sure, it was looooooong (yummy too!)...Dee and I had to share it (and oh the Macadamia cookies were to die fooooooor too!!!)! we wanted to go to Ship and Anchor but ended up in Kensington (happens when you are both new  to Calgary) so we just had some few drinks at The Yardhouse while watching hockey (can you believe me saying this???). The night was young but we had a long day ahead of us already and the perfect way to end it is with a bottle of wine while listening to music at my place :)

friday night at Gary's was fun too! he cooked some stir fry for dinner. he had sisha (I tried it but failed...apparently i don't do well with sucking. LOL), I had wine. laid down in the couch, watched Waiting (thought it was hilariiiiiiiious!!! and oh, i saw Ryan Reynolds' abs once again...sigh), laid down in the bed then decided that it's time to go home. chillax Fridays is loooove and so are guy friends :)

how was your weekend lovelies?

have you guys tried buying tights from Safeway? the tights I'm wearing here are from Safeway and I tell you, they are the best tights everrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

beso ♥

coat: Old Navy
top and beanie: H&M  
vest: Eight Eight Eight
skirt: Joe
tights: Safeway
OTK boots: Spring
sling bag and ring: Aldo
canvas tote: Lanvin for H&M

photos by Dee


Anonymous said...

Awesome Photo's! Luvettt!!! <3 <3 <3

KD faustino said...

Glad u liked it x

Death By Shoe said...

These are great photos KD! Love the locations you picked and your blue jacket is so cute!!


fashionassist said...

Hello KD, love this post. love, love the blue coat! such a great colour to add to a winter look!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

love that shade of blue you're wearing! so, kelan ka punta vancouver? :) i'm spending 3 weeks in the phils in april! hehe.


Kookie B. said...

Lovin the blue coat!

KD faustino said...

Oooohhh im happy that you guys love this post! I love how the photos turned out too!!!! ;)

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! I love all the downtown photos. It was so nice out finally.

Jackie said...

Cute outfit and love your shades. Have a great day.


Marinela said...

Those boots are so ravishing!


michelle_ said...

the blue jacket is <3 <3
i love the color very muchhh !!
and the boots go really well with the whole outfit !

KD faustino said...

oooh thanks for all the hype, dahliiiiiiiiiiiiingssss!! x

Sharnie Hung said...

I know you've already been given a stylish blogger award but it's just a little something for me to say I love that you seem to always have fun! Have posted it up! Thank you and cheers! :)

KD faustino said...

awwww your comment just made my day, Sharnie! x