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I was looking forward alllllllllll week for this weekend to come. Amy and I had it planned two weeks before that I am going to spend the weekend at her home--baking, drinking, working out--then Breakfast Club the next day. To our dismay, the weather was so crappy that it ruined the whole weekend extravaganza. Instead of waiting for the bus which took like foreverrrrrr, I decided to just brave and walk to Safeway to buy myself some dinner. I got myself a handful--sushi rolls, lemon chicken, pad thai, chicken wings, chips plus my leftover wine from last weekend--all of which I had while having a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Then Dee decided to show up at the house all sickly and weak cos of the snow and her heels (who wears heels during a snow storm anyway??? yup, only Dee!). I wasn't feeling well too cos I fell last Friday on the way out to go to the gym. Worst part is I fell on very thin ice...yes, I basically fell on pure cement. I hurt my elbow and hips but I am feeling waaaay better now thanks to Ibruprofen, ice pack and Katinko. Since we were both injured badly, we slept before midnight and hoped for a better Sunday! 

There wasn't too much snow fall today but it's still -31...and yet again we braved it, walked to the nearby French cafe, stopped at the park for some photos, sip latte and cocoa while savoring banana nutella croissant, pecan tart, cream puff, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie. 

My whole body was definitely freezing when I got home. I went under the blankets and wore my winter socks when my phone prompted that I got a new mail. The mail was from Calgary Fashion's fashion editor telling me that I will be interviewed and featured in their new segment called Beyond the Seams where they spotlight unique and interesting people from the fashion industry that they admire and want to spotlight :)

I am overwhelmed with the good response my blog is getting here in Canada. I was worried that I had to start from scratch but ever since I was named Top 15 Canadian Fashion Blogs by Fashionism.ca, things started looking up for me. You, my readers, made it happen...THANK YOU!!!! 

How do you like the new banner, lovelies?

beso ♥

cardigan: Old Navy
top: Reitmans
jeggings: Zara
boots and socks: H&M
bag: given by my boss
gloves: Ardene
scarf: Gap
necklace: S
photos by Dee


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

congrats my dear! and im liking that pink and brown scarf. :)


Joanna Ladrido said...

i love your shades, sweater! so perfect!

Only the Marvelous

KD faustino said...

its actually for kids!GAP KIDS! HAHA!

Nettie said...

Cute scarf :)

michelle_ said...

beautiful sstriped scarf !
great way to brighten up in winter :)

KD faustino said...

Never thought my scarf would get all the hype! Thank you lovelies x

Death By Shoe said...

Sexy lady!! Love the photos and I'm really diggin the new header :)


KD faustino said...

yay! danielle loves it! see you lovelyyyyyyy x

Kookie B. said...

nice cold weather look, KD! And im lovin the new header. :)

KD faustino said...

thanks kookie! x