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furry white

Sunday, woke up with Dee beside me. It actually feels good to have someone beside you. No, I'm not turning into a lesbian. I love men...just sayennnnnnnnn' =P

It's more wonderful to actually wake up with a girl beside you than a boy. I mean, Dee knows well that I am not the touchy feely type. Leave me alone when I just woke up cos I can be grumpy and don't force me to get out of bed and make you breakfast. After about an hour or so, I got up and made Dee breakky-- eggs, hotdogs, potatoes, fish fillet, chicken poppers with some leftover fried rice and pita bread. Girl's so lucky cos I never cook. I do cook when I have the time and the inspiration. While Dee was doing her thing (which means facebook-ing), I was back in bed listening to Moonriver and my Steady Sunday Play List. But the weather was so warm again outside that we just had to take advantage of it -- walked around my neighborhood, took photos, made snow angels, laughed, went to the park and just being silly 12 year olds again. LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOOOOD :)

In the middle of all those activities, I decided to sew my white faux fur vest. No, I didn't sew it from scratch. I just needed to alter it cos when I got it from Winners it was XL but I just couldn't resist it cos it was just $16!!!! Thank God for my innate sewing skills! TOTAL SCORE!!!!!

beso ♥

faux fur vest: Winners
coat: Fairweather
top: Old Navy
shorts: from my sister's closet
boots: Spring
sling bag: Zara
beanie: Ardene
tights: Safeway
rings: H&M and Garage
necklace: Tomato
peace bracelet: given by a friend
photos by Dee


ching said...

what a cute ensemble! :Dd

KD faustino said...

awwwww thanks ching!!

Dee said...

love the fur and the photos cos i took it! :P

KD faustino said...

HAHA! thanks again DEE!x