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do the polka

yes, i am DEFINITELY back! 
i'm so happy i have the time to blog again and take outfit photos. not only that...the weather is actually cooperating :) still cold but tolerable :) which is why i was able to pull off this knitted oversized cardigan, some polka skirt and boots...without tights! don't you just love it when you can make a girly girl outfit look like it has a bit of an edge with just some manly boots? think alexa chung :)

so there's really nothing exciting going on in my life right now. it's kind of messy but i am hoping for the best. i just know that in time things will fall EXACTLY at its right place. X'd fingers!!!

beso ♥

oversized knit cardigan and top: Old Navy
skirt: Joe
boots: H&M
rings: Garage
belt: Bench
necklace: given by a friend
watch: McDonald's Happy Meal :)


Death By Shoe said...

Cute pics KD! Love the boots :) We'll have to plan a date to meet up again soon!!


KD faustino said...

danielle! we definitely should! we owe each other vodka! YAY!!! :)

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

These are cute photos. Love the kids camera. :) Your skirt is adorable. I love polka dots. Can't wait to meet up for coffee.

michelle_ said...

gahhhi LOVE these photos !
polka dots always have that sense of fun whether you make them look grown up or childish !

glisters and blisters

Pop Champagne said...

lovely boots and skirt in the picture! too cute :D

KD faustino said...

way to go polka! thank you lovelies x

MacVB said...

This makes me miss IL. Now, I want snow. Lovely skirt by the way! :)