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the breakfast club

last sunday, i was invited for the first time by Amy of http://flyingakite.blogspot.com/ to join her for "The Breakfast Club." i had no idea what it was and she also had none because it's gonna be her first time too so she sent me the description made by its founder Kriya Monroe:
The Breakfast Club: Its A Club. It Happens On Sundays. There's People. There's Breakfast. There's Conversation. There's Cultivation. I want to bring back the sense of community. Since when do we get together in the daylight with groups of intelligent, and motivated people? To laugh off the work week we just had, and prepare yourself f...or the week ahead... eat endless amounts of amazing food... enjoy a few hot beverages, and bring politics to the table, offer knowledge on current events, or interesting topics. Share recipe's, humor, information on workshops, upcoming shows: art, music. Since when do we communicate face to face on a regular basis, without 'texting' and our 'smart devices'. Well. Since now I hope. I know all this sounds blindly corny, but... in a way I kinda like its 'old fashioned' sense. It really is not old at all... but why don't we do it anymore? The Breakfast Club is a reason to wake up early Sunday mornings, freshly hung over, or still sleepy from work. Brush your teeth, put on your long johns, and go to a 'hosts' house for breakfast, with a food contribution, and enjoy a very slow paced, relaxing morning/afternoon with 'familia'. Now the reason I say host is because I am hoping that by being involved regularly in this club; you would also want to host one of the 'Breakfast Club' Sundays as well. By switching it up, we alleviate one host, and share the weight, and also get to switch up the scenery and see the skinny on where people live. Hehe. On the topic of "Party Favors": 'Smokables': are welcome but are an outdoor event. Everyone has their own "allergy or preference" and keeping it outside just makes things easier. 'Spirits': are welcome, but ONLY in the forms of "Irish Liqueur" or "Mimosa's". I really want to avoid a 'trash fest' Sunday morning. -Showing up half cut from the night before: Getting the point... -Showing up with the intent of getting wasted Sunday morning: Missing the point... I really would like everyone to be themselves, and able to express themselves freely, having said that... I don't expect children to be at every event, BUT would really want them to be able to attend when their parents choose to bring them, and without second thoughts or hesitation. (Dan + Vicky, Lucas, And Melli) Breakfast Club Sundays: 10:30AM- Till Host Gives The Boot :) Right away I can already see your shock and horror of 10:30AM. Ahaha It is your choice when you show up, and also the hosts choice when the Breakfast begins, so each Sunday will vary. If you cant make breakfast, but would like to contribute in the cartoon/movie watching then by all means, just give me a heads up. Any ideas, direction, or input, questions or concerns is all very welcome and appreciated. The whole idea is to bring back having interactions with people on a community based level. A sense of family. I want this club to act as a bulletin, for anyone who has something to share, or say. Upcoming art shows, things they are involved with in the community, workshops, or just general information that you would like to process, share, or debate on. On the flip side, If you are reading through all this and your just realizing this is not for you. You either don't have the time to commit, or are generally just not interested, then without guilt, please just remove yourself from the group. I really want this to bring people together, and if you are not serious about contributing... there is no sense in pretending. I say this with kind sincerity, and we all know i'm a big bitch anyways, so who am I kidding... Participate or Die Bitches! ... Ha............ Ha... JK BUT: If you actually read this right down to the end though, and your still with me, and excited- Then good, Welcome to The Breakfast Club Boys N Girls ♥

 it was definitely worth it to wake up as early as 7:30 am to meet up Amy, go to the vet and eventually go to The Breakfast Club. Amy and I fell in love with the Kriya's and Ashley's apartment on the 13th and we can't wait to just move out and be roomies! then we filled our tummies with crepes dipped in maple syrup, lots of bacon, ham, spinach with olive oil, banana bread, brie cheese and crackers, maple scones, hash brown, grape juice, champagne with OJ and baileys coffee...together filled our souls with new names, faces and just pure good vibes! up until now, i am still happy just thinking about the meat (this is what you get when you live with Jewish vegans). we braved the cold, walked down 17th, sat at starbucks, talked about boys, waited for Carter, talked some more, walked some more and talked some more. definitely one of the best sundays of my life!! and if that ain't enough, i got home, talked with Sandy and she finally gave me this amaziiiiiiiiiing expensive authentic wool fur coat (the one i was wearing on my last post). but then God said you can't be happy all the time so i received a bad news when i got home...but i will surely get by. shit happens and it was fun while it lasted. i guess timing is really everything.
till the next breakfast club 

beso ♥


Death By Shoe said...

This looks like so much fun!!! What a great idea! You ladies look lovely as always :)


KD faustino said...

Danielle!!! Join us the next time? x

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful post KD.
I'm happy you came along and spent a magical day with me. I'm already looking forward to our next meet. Much love girl xoxox

KD faustino said...

so much fun, lovey!!! you know i love you! you make life beautiful! x

Pop Champagne said...

love the idea, I saw the movie a while ago, it is rather cute :)