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because its 3 degrees outside and i owe you

hello lovelies! i am officially backkkkkk!!!!!! :)
i am so sorry for the lack of posts! the whole month of december was just busy, busy, busy! it was a rough month but there were more good times than bad times, i must say :) now, normal days are back and i couldn't be happier :) it took me a while to get back on track but i'm sure that i'll be able to come through :)

and because it is 3 degrees outside today, it made it possible for me to just wear a maxi, a leather jacket, a fedora and an eyelet top instead of ear muffs, gloves and a thick coat.

oh, happy days are back

what uploader do you use for your pics? i use the normal image uploader for blogspot and it prompted that i have no more storage space. this never happened to me before! what to do? what to do? HELLLLLLP! thanks x

beso ♥

leather jacket: BCBG
maxi skirt and necklace: Forever21
boots: B Club
fedora: Ardene
ring: Aldo


aussibelle said...

Such a nice look!

Photobucket is the way to go. It has yet to fail me.


Melai said...

KD! This is amazing!!! :) You look gorg :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Kookie B. said...

love how you styled that maxi skirt! I used photobucket before but I exceeeded my bandwidth so i transferred to tinypic. haven't experience any problems with it yet.

kendallerica said...

girl you are TINY!!
amazing skirt. love it.

camerafilmroll said...

Red and nude, yummy!!

KD faustino said...

OH I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

o said...

Heard you got a new camera! Is this a self-portrait? Are you reading your manual? :) ISO+shutterspeed+aperture=exposure. Looking good!

Sharon (The Backseat Stylers) said...

You look FIERCE!! From head to toe. Or should I say hat to toe? Love it. ;)

Reg said...

i'm still using the one of blogger so i can't help you there :( your maxi skirt is gorgeous though! happy 2011 :)


noura. said...

oh my god this is amazing!

KD faustino said...