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photo diary

having breakfast at tim horton's in cochrane while waiting for grace...PS kuya paul baked the yummy cookies ♥

my sister said it looks elf-ish but i say it looks pretty adorable :)

saw this fur jacket at Joe but up until now i'm still contemplating whether i should get it or not. thoughts?

one saturday night by my lonesome: Big C, blogging, wine and chips :)

my little "baul" and everything Paris :)

this boy is my little sunshine ♥

i guess tights-less is not so advisable right now :/

H&M nail polish...in all summer/fall colors possible! i know it's winter but i want bright nails to brighten up my mood.

my boss is a spoiler. she gave me these.

first time to experience snow...one of my giddy, happy, silly poses. bear with me.

after seeing this unfinished craft that i made, MY BOSS  "you're an artist!" ME: "seriously?" LOL!

rose ballpen from my bff and pad from Rina Albert

the day after Halloween: sushi for breakky and Twilight

Paloma's famous paella for carla's bday dinner

gym time!

got a customer appreciation letter from H&M and a 20% discount card...i swear the store is getting rich cos of me!!

friday is cheat day! enjoying my vodka, chips and teen vogue :)

about to sleep! love how comfy this hoodie is!!! 

because i'll always be an island girl...

me and Z all bundled up in the park

tinkerbell jammies ♥

 signed. sealed. delivered. three year gym contract, beybeh! letz do thiz!!!

a little nightcap after carla's bday dinner party 

another small trinket from my boss...yet again. she's the best!!!

FAVE TWILIGHT SCENE EVER!!! who wouldn't want to walk to school like this? ♥

survivor + cup noodles night = ♥

 oh winter!

beso ♥


ching said...

wow i'm really liking that quote by albert camus. i enjoyed looking at your pics! :D

Denise said...

get the coat.

and ooohhh Lays. kelan pa kaya ulit???

libys11 said...

yay!! carmex for the win!! and and i've been contemplating so much if im gonna buy that joe fur coat too!!! aahhh it went on sale too!! aaahh!!!

Animated Confessions

KD faustino said...

Thanks ching! ;)

KD faustino said...

Yeah that coat is like soooo pretty plus it went on sale!!! Soooooo should we really get it???? ;)

Denise, go na lays na! Preggy cravings!!!

Kookie B. said...

It was nice going through these set of photos. It's like taking a peek into your world and getting to know you a li't bit more. :)

michelle_ said...

you seem to be having a good start for december !! i love looking through a personal post ! it gives me ideas of what are people doinggg all over the world :)

KD faustino said...

That's exactly my goal in doing posts like these, kookie and michelle ;) glad u liked it! X

Death By Shoe said...

I love that Joe jacket! Almost bought the same one the other day. It looks fab on you!!!

theredcurry said...

Wow, your pictures were amazing. I loved the sunnies in your first picture, the tinkerbell pants and that green hoodie!