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what's in the bag?

7:30 AM--my regular body clock alarm wakes me up. i go to the washroom to pee. i went back to bed in the hopes of sleeping in. no gym classes today so i don't have to be at the gym by 9:30am. and then my phone started vibrating. i checked it. screen says, EIYA DE VILLA. i picked up, "hello! i just woke up." in her almost squealing voice, she said: "OMG, i die! I am holding your Lanvin + H&M ____________!!!" i literally GASP! i like died for a minute there. i couldn't believe it! my friend is by the way in orlando and she called me all the way here in canada just to tell me the good news at freakin' 7:30 am. it's the best wake up call EVER in years!!!

i seriously never thought in a million years that someone can get a hold of lanvin without any hassle of lining up! she said there wasn't any line at all when she got there at 10 am! she didn't had to wear a bracelet or spend a limited amount of time cos other people are waiting for their turns. i have constantly followed every lanvin tweet and i knew since last night that people are going crazy (some even went to jail!!) just to be able to get a taste of lanvin for a fraction of a cost. my, my, my...E is one lucky girl! oops, i forgot she drove an hour just to get to the only store in florida that carries it. but that's all she has to do...or at least her bf did. thanks too, marlowe! :)

E got a purse, shirt and the fur jacket. she also got a free scarf and tote. the first 100 shoppers get it for free (crossing my fingers that she'll send me the tote too). darn!

so one of the bags is mine...can you guys guess what's in the bag?
if you are following me on twitter, you sure would know so

i have to wait for her though to ship it to me but i'm quite sure it'll be worth the wait :) 

beso ♥
photos by eiya c/o her iPhone


ching said...

those lanvin bags are just as eye catching as the actual designs. :D

libys11 said...

wow.. lucky girl!! :D

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Sharon (The Backseat Stylers) said...

That's so awesome that your friend was able to snag some Lanvin x H&M for you!! No line up - geez...so lucky! Looking forward to the post when you receive the package!

Kookie B. said...

oh wow! your friend is super lucky for not having to wait in line. people in Florida must be crazy for not getting in the craze! hahaha! can't wait to see the bag!

KD faustino said...

i'm too excited too!!!!!!!!!!! people in florida are in their bikinis and dukes all the time so i guess they had no interest whatsoever! HAHA!

michelle_ said...

okay im officially jealous of you !
i have no H&M around me (not even a 1/2 hour plane ride from jakarta), annddd i didnt really want to bother my friends to wake up at 3am or watever to get me the H&M pieces !

you've got some really lovely pieces there !

aussibelle said...

I'M SO JEALOUS! You muuuuuust post photos.

Ah! When are you planning this blogger meet-up?



camerafilmroll said...

Lucky you!!