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i got my red poppy on!

 i know i'm late but HAPPY REMEMBRANCE DAY!!!! :) 
i got my red poppy on and googled why canadians say "lest we forget"...that was how i celebrated remebrance day. HAHA! seriously, i should probably research and get to know the heroes here in canada. i don't even know who their national hero is or if there is such thing! 

moving on, remembrance day was no work day for almost everyone here in canada and so what better thing to do than go shopping!!!!!! i really had no plans of going out but my friend deryl wanted me to go with her for some shopping buddy advice and since i'm a good friend, i was all supportive. little did i know that i was in for a ride...i didn't intend to shop but deryl was such a bad influence tolerating shopping  (ms. buy-that-it-looks-good-on-you and buy-that-cos-you-deserve-it-for-all-the-hard-work) buddy and i was sooo vulnerable!!!! needless to say, i spent more than she actually did :( 

deryl got a coat from fairweather and since it was the $1 event, she had me take the $1 but i pay $50 and she pays $100...does that make any sense at all? anyway, for whatever it's worth, it was a MAJOR SCORE on my part (the coat that i bought was originally $150) :) :) :) there was also a deal at ardene which was the 3 for $15 at almost everything in the store so i got the beanie that i was wearing here, a fedora and a bow belt :) i think deryl got 3 beanies. costa blanca is also 50% off in all of its items so deryl got boots for only $20 and i got a connector ring for $4. and then the expensive part...my new zara over-the-knee boots!!!!! i will not say how much for but it did hurt a little when i wore it and up to this day, i am thinking if i should return it. it's okay to buy something expensive once in a while as long as it's comfy and durable...anyway, i still have 30 days to decide if it hurts cos it hurts or it hurts cos its new and will eventually be comfy. i will only sacrifice for fashion if it's not that expensive (like $30 and below).

 speaking of uncomfy, i literally died when i saw the jeffrey campbell leopard wedges but again it was uncomfy and they don't have a size 10 anymore (the size 9 won't fit me) :( :( :( plus i'm not so sure it's very practical to buy them especially since winter is just around the corner (i'm wearing 3-4 layers of clothing now so hello bulky!)...sigh. 
oh well, next time...not in the near future though cos

how did you celebrate remembrance day? 
or for non-canadians, what did you shopped for recently?

beso ♥

 leather bomber jacket: Joe 
hoodie jacket: Hollister
jeggings: Costa Blanca
booties: Tonic
bag: Tommy Hilfiger
fur beanie: Ardene
rings: H&M
leopard wedge booties: Jeffrey Campbell
over-the-knee boots: Zara


libys11 said...

love the boots!!! ooohhh.. i see chinook!!! i so miss shopping there!!! anyway, i just spent remembrance day at home resting since i've been doing overtime at work the whole week! hehehe..

KD faustino said...

which one? hehe. awwww sybil...hope u had a good rest though! X

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i was in HK during remembrance day. it was actually great seeing some canadians wearing the red poppy even in HK :) i dont think canada has a national hero.haha. i know that terry fox is one of canada's heroes..dont really know who else.


ching said...

haha resist shopping. and happy remembrance day. we don't celebrate it here though.

Kristy said...

I was working on Remembrance Day! Yes, it's not a statutory holiday in Ontario :( Do you still want to move to Toronto? ;) ha ha ha..

Looks like a fun shopping trip! I love shopping with a girlfriend who's just as shopaholic as me. Good call on letting go the JC shoes. Better invest on something more "boot-ish" for the upcoming Winter :) Are those the otk boots? They look gorgeous! But if you can't justify the price, then just return them. You can find cheaper options at ALDO (lol, I love ALDO) and sometimes they offer special deals, like25% off or 50% off on their website :)

I also went to Costa Blanca for the 50% off everything event and scored a belt and a cardigan :) Yeeyyuuuhh!!!


KD faustino said...

Thanks for sharing ur remembrance day "celebrations" everyone!! Thanks for the advice too, kristy! I have to buy sale items more!!!!


so into those knee high boots! the footwear in general is just fab!


KD faustino said...

It is actually! Now im more torn cos of ur comments!! Haha

Kookie B. said...

shearling jacket! i want one too! how are you surviving the cold there? i love the shot of you stepping out of the revolving door. :)

KD faustino said...

it's not actually shearling, kookie :P i just got a hoodie underneath that's why it looks like shearling :) that being said, i'm surviving by overloading and over layering! LOL :)

Lloyda said...

the jc wedges!!! love it! love your photos dearie. i don't think i'll survive canada's cold weather. brrrrr...

michelle_ said...

i loved this post ! i like how personal it is :)
leopard jc wedges are definitely eye catching and tempting ! im not shopping this month too (well i'll only shop for a wee bit).. trying to save up for christmas later so i can go for the sales.. lol

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

Lloyda, i didnt think i could too but ull get used to it when u live here ;)

KD faustino said...

Awwww michelle! Thanks! Its definitely tempting! Im trying to save too as much as possible!!!! Temptations are just everywhere!!!! Eeep!!