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i purr this halloween '10

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how was your halloween? i hope you guys went crazaaaay with your costumes whether you decided to go slutty, funny or traditional :) as for me, i didn't want to buy a halloween costume set from the stores or online...even in the past, my costumes were just really improvised (i've been a bunny, mermaid and police). so i looked at my closet and wahlah, i am CATWOMAN :) i just donned on my liquid leggings, leather jacket, leather boots and leather gloves and i did catwoman justice...i think :)
anyway, we had a small intimate party at home with a few friends and they came as dora, diego, rag doll, fallen angel, mad max, pumpkin and gothic. charades of halloween movies will never ever fail and of course, some scary movie to end the night!
the next day we all decided to join adaiah as she made her way to sunridge mall for trick or treat. we didn't want to wear our costumes from the night before so we again improvised. i went as a kawaii schoolgirl because that's basically the easiest although i kept my skirt long enough...i didn't want to look slutty because hey, it's morning and there would be kids!
i think halloween is definitely one of my fave holidays.
how about you and what did you wear? :)
beso ♥
faux leather jacket: thrifted from the Philippines
faux leather corset, headband and mask: Value Village
liquid leggings: Black Sheep by Maldita
boots: thrifted from the Philippines
white button-down: from my brother-in-law's closet
skirt: Joe
socks: Dollarama
ballet flats: Suzy Shier


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aww, the little kid is so adorable!!


KD faustino said...

she totally is! love that kid!

ching said...

everyone is looking the part for Halloween. you guys look like a ball of fun. :D

Ai said...

such cute pics and outfits

Angela said...

Nice! I was smiling when I was browsing the photos. Yung Dora and Diego pala, si Ate Love and Kuya Benj. Sa FB kasi hindi ko kini click. Wahahaha!! Nakakatawa talaga yung Dora!! Dorang Doara kasi. Hahaha!!

At sobrang like yung catwoman na nakatayo, kasi ang sexy sexy (second pic from the top?). LOVEET couz!!!!!!!!!!!

KD faustino said...

hahaha!!! thanks cuzzzzz!!! :P

JoewardM said...

wow!i super love your catwoman costume! you nailed it,gurl! :]

michelle_ said...

and i love ur catwoman costume :)

KD faustino said...

thank you everyone! glad y'all liked my catwoman costume! X

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I love the little pumpkin!! hehe.

libys11 said...

omg!! too adorable!!!! you look hot as catwoman!! :D and can i just say that dora and diego wins the best costume award for me!!! hahahaha!! too cute and funny!! :D

Animated Confessions

KD faustino said...

they do make funny costumes every year! :) im loving the little pumpkin costume too...i just wanna eat it! HAHA!! thanks ash and sybil! X