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'tis the season to PARKA (part 1)

parka is one of the things i'm happy about this autumn ;) i used to dread it because it looks so bulky and sloppy but i guess with the right styling it will be right on. since i love parka so much, i am doing a two part special that features this exact same parka.
this is part 1: when it is not to cold and you can do away without the tights.
last week was a bit hot so it was actually possible to go out without the tights. i wanted to highlight the parka so much that i didn't accessorize much. i wanted it look raw and like it's the only thing that matters.
are you ready to get your PARKA groove on?
i'm feeling sooooooo good this week. i just made a move that i think changed someone's life...and mine too ;) it's so nice being NICE, don't you think? ;)
special mention to my nonjudgmental friends aids and eiya xx
beso ♥
parka: National Velvet
LBD: Double Zero
cowboy boots: Diesel


ching said...

looking great!

KD faustino said...

thanks ching :)