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the girl with the messy hair takes on canada


the girl with the messy hair!!!

yup, that's me...sad to say :( i wasn't able to take outfit photos again cos last weekend was just so hectic and this week is just busy busy busy too! but i'm not that irresponsible...here are some random photos of me (mostly taken using my iPhone so sorry for the bad quality) and not me here in canada (2 months here already and counting...). 
enjoy xx


cozying up at my fave spot in our sectional (P.S. thank you abby for the "friends that speak french" zara shirt)

i now do my own nails since manicure/pedicure here is pretty expensive (about $80). nail polish c/o mitzie's CK welcome gift :)

the only frappuccino i drink is hazelnut green tea. same drink, different country.

i love sun bathing in the afternoon in the park while zach is deep in his sleep. this is my view.

if you've been a follower of my blog for a long time now, you know that i love the book so much. i just had to watch the movie...the 1st movie i watched here in canada...but i was sooooo disappointed :(

and since i don't have a license here yet...benj had to teach me how to ride the bus. i must say, i'm now quite an expert ;)

canada has taught me how to drink champagne/wine/beer at home even without any cause for a celebration

of course, i need to learn how to pump my own gas...no more gasoline boys to assist me here!

the moment i saw this...i imagined myself doing a photo shoot here. but when i came back, the leaves were all dried up. sigh :(

headed to the mall for the first time and of course...H&M-ed!

hottest day ever experienced in canada...30 degrees! me don't likey.

i don't take the train daily but i do every monday morning...this is my sunrise view each time :)

tim hortons is the more practical choice in terms of coffee here but in my vocabulary, starbucks is still the one.

i seriously want to live in ikea!!! and this paris frame here...i'm still dreaming of the day i get to take it home :)

i don't get a lot of good hair days here but here's one :) i miss my long messy out-of-bed hair :(

 i rarely get to eat a decent dinner while i'm at work but this is one of my MOST decent meals. this reminds me of cafe breton :)

my new "tambayan" (hang-out place): the park ;)

yes, i eat food court now with ALL my might! i just love koreo :) :) :)

trying my luck at lotto...i wanna be a millionaire, so freakin' bad. LOL.

most people love cross iron mills but i'm not impressed...good thing F21 is opening in chinook!

 no wonder they shoot the twilight saga here in canada...this is very twilight-y, don't you think? :)

taken last weekend at F21 WEM fitting room. can't wait to wear this maxi skirt!!!

i'm now starting to study for my driving exams (instead of wasting my time with my iPhone apps)

waiting for the bus after the wednesday catholic mass

in the philippines, eating at tony roma's is like eating gold (at Php 1,500+ for the steak). here, it's no biggie...or maybe because i didn't pay! LOL!

i'm not big on chocolates but this chocolate store at banff is just SINFUL!!!

i've never seen anything as beautiful as fall.

at this year's global fest (fireworks competition) with my sister

 sushi boat is just love ♥

and of course...TFC keeps me sane.

i guess i'm not that irresponsible afterall ;)



michelle_ said...

i love the color of your bag !
the blue is very unique !

have a great weekend !

Kayraheart.fashion said...

u look lovely..love ur bag!!

JoewardM said...

hey!i love your shoes! :]

being miss east said...

i miss being here. ^^
have a lovely week, guapa!

michellehendra said...

yeyyy :DD love the photo


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KD faustino said...

Thank youuuuuu for all ur lovely comments xx

Kristy said...

Fall is my favorite season of the year, too!I love posts with random photos like this :)


KD faustino said...

thanks kristy :)