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FINALLY...print on print!


i've been wanting to try the print on print trend for the longest time but i can't seem to create the perfect match...until today :) it's almost fall, the weather's always 8-13 degrees in the afternoon and i knew i just have to wear the cullots i bought at value village's 50% off extravaganza soon. the weather's pretty gloomy today. it's been raining since dawn but come dinner time, the sun showed up and i was able to pull off this look :)

i'm also wearing my new shoe purchase from suzy :) i was finally able to go to chinook mall (i bought some flip flops from old navy $6 for two pairs and three leggings from suzy for $20) and i think i like it more than cross iron mills...although they don't have H&M and F21...BOO-HOO!!! but i was reunited with my love, ZARA!!!!!! i have to wait for sale season though...or my bday shopping spree that's coming SOON!!!

off shoulder striped top and striped cullots both from value village. suzy two-toned quilted ballet flats. GAP bag. F21 "love" necklace. je t'aime envelope necklace and ring given by a friend. turban from my sister's closet.

south is treating me quite well. i was sad to leave the north at first but i'm slowly getting the hang of it...and since i live with vegans, i am always looking forward to pig-out weekends at home ;) ;) ;)

rosh hashanah is the new year for jews and i live with jews so expect more jewish stuff from this blog. LOL!

photos by yours truly


libys11 said...

rad print on print ensemble! :D

chinook is opening a flagship f21 at the end of the month!! :D

Animated Confessions

Melai said...

Nice one KD! :) Love the stripes overload :)

Melai of Style and Soul

mommy ek said...

huh? jews? cool!!! swerte mo vegetarians mga kasama mo!!! gusto ko din i-try un e kya lang mahirap! :)

KD faustino said...

Thats good news, sybil ;)

KD faustino said...

Thanks melai xx

KD faustino said...

We have to skype, ek! Daming chika!!!

sharonlei said...

Love the different stripes together. :) I think stripes are here to stay.. at least for a little longer at least. A lot of times I find myself pair my striped tops with everything... it's almost become a "neutral" tone to me. hee hee. I hope you're having a great Thursday girlie.. the weekend is almost here! Yipeee.

xx Love & Aloha

KD faustino said...

Stripes are part Of my daily wardrobe too! It makes
Everything look more
Polished, yeah? ;) cant wait for friday tooooo and d
Weekend!!! Thanks sharon xx

Kookie B. said...

KD, love this stripes on stripes! it looks good ah! love it!!!


KD faustino said...

Thanks kookie xx

michelle_ said...

loving all those prints babe !
and happy birthday to mama mary and rosh too :)

glistersandblisters dot com

JoewardM said...

nice one! i love those stripes on you. :]

Kristy said...

amazing mix of stripes! I must try this :D Thanks for the inspiration <3


KD faustino said...

Thanks you guys ;) glad i inspired you, kristy xx