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channeling alexa on my bday weekend


so here are some other photos from my bday weekend (as if my celeb on my exact bday wasn't enough! see bday blog post here)...it was surprising that the skies cleared out for my bday weekend because last week was just freezing! it was i think 22 degrees celcuis last saturday and although that would be like baguio weather already in the philippines, it felt hot! i think my skin is slowly adapting to canada's weather...which is a good thing because ever since i got here, all of my concerns are skin-related. i had soooooo many issues!!! luckily, my skin is getting better and i now know how to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! :)

so i had an extended celebration last weekend. it was a small celebration because i don't really know anyone here YET and even if i know people, they're from far awaaaaay. canada is just too big, man, i'm telling you! so i had 5 guests--my sister, my brother-in-law, my friend (from the PI and now from cochrane) grace, grace's hubby, steve and my brother-in-law's officemate and now my friend too (cos we are bounded by local showbiz chismis HAHA), carla. i had a small filipino feast of pancit (for long life, of course!), lumpiang shanghai, lechon manok, lechon kawali, escabeche, veggies and a black forest cake c/o carla :) yes, it was too much for my 5 guests. i ate leftovers until yesterday. LOL! and to make the filipino feast complete, may videoke at inuman :)

about the outfit...i was feeling alexa chung-ish ;) that's all.

here are some photos inside our house (that turned into an instant studio, ha!) 
and of the small celebration :)

American Eagle dress. denim jacket. Aldo sling bag. combat boots from Value Village. Garage rose ring. Tomato strawberry necklace. aviators.

this year's bday purchases:
(2) Costa Blanca jeggings
Garage rose rings
H&M ankle sneakers
iPhone cover

i think i've treated myself well enough :) :) :)
then again, no more excuses when it comes to shopping and pigging out for the next 11 months...sigh :(

photos by benj


Kayraheart.fashion said...

jst stumbled across ur lovely blog....Those boots add such a edgy chicness on ur lovely shade of blue dress!!

KD faustino said...

that was what i was going for, love :) thank you X

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

got it from ssense.com. ! :)


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libys11 said...

what a gorgeous day for some outdoor photos!! :D im digging this look!! casual and a bit grunge! :D

Animated Confessions

camerafilmroll said...

Lovely picture! Happy belated birthday! (:

monica said...

happpy belated bday beautifulllll

cute blog!!!

thnx for dropping by mine :)

ARA said...

that dreess looks so pretty. Love it.xx


Kookie B. said...

KD!!!!!!! i love the first photo! and you nailed the Alexa look!

Samm / afterstylecomesfashion said...

Happy birthday!

Check out my blog @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com
I hope you like it!

With love, Samm

KD faustino said...

thank you for your lovely comments everyone X

michelle_ said...

your denim jacket is STUNNINGGG !
goes really well with those aviators !

thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

abby said...

hehehe we have the same tomato necklace pala! i think i keep missing updates from your blog kasi usually i just check through my blog's sidebar...anyway, i'm glad that you enjoyed your first bday in canada!:D and i see you've been shopping already hehehehe...talk to you soon, medyo CRAZY kasi lately. lam mo na. 0_0 miss you!

Susan said...

and yes you do look like Alexa :D

Gayle said...

Haha! Lechon manok... I miss.
Is that a dress? I love the blue hue :)


KD faustino said...

thanks michelle, abby, susan and gayle X