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when you can't swim...


so nothing spectacular really happened in the past two days. yesterday, we just went to the mall...this time a bigger mall. we also went to watch eat pray love today which as usual, the book is better than the movie. 
for my first purchase in canada (using my own money), i was able to buy some laced wedge at forever 21. they have this style too in the philippines but back then, i didn't really want them. well actually, i really wanted to buy the wedge booties but they didn't have it in my size here anymore. apparently, everyone here is size 9...BOO-HOO!!! my sister bought me some blazer cardigan too from joe (it was marked down from $30 to $9) and some lingerie from la senza (which was also on sale! 10 pcs for only $26). i'm really not that ecstatic when it comes to shopping here yet because:
1. i don't have money yet (i start working on the 25th)
2. i still don't know what to buy or where to buy them
3. my sister and brother-in-law are always with me which makes it hard for me to linger on the stores
the day will eventually come when i'll be the expert when it comes to canada shopping ;)

so anyway, it is summer here but you can't really swim because there are really no nearby beaches around. there are lakes and that's it :( 
so i say...when you can't swim, wear a bathing suit ;) 
yep, i am wearing my sister's bathing suit as a top...i just love the polka dots, the bright blue and the sweetheart neckline. so the next time you ran out of something to wear, check your swimwear drawer and who knows? you just might find something better than a top =P 

thrifted blazer, denim shorts and studded flats. swimsuit used as a top from my sister's closet. H&M sling bag. xoxo shades. f21 cross connector ring. peace bracelet from a friend.

i think tomorrow we're going to a farm but i'm more looking forward to this weekend ;) ;) ;)

notice my font's bigger? well, my sister said my old font is too small for older people like her. LOL :) i'm also thinking if i should continue updating my chictopia or just concentrate on my blog...what do you guys think? lemme know :)

photos by benj


Dylana Suarez said...

You are so right about the Eat Pray Love movie.


libys11 said...

ooohhh.. don't worry, once you start working you'll definitely be able to get shopping!! woot!

gotta love joe! their stuff are so chic and when they go on sale, they really go ON SALE! which reminds me, i need to check it out.. they must be having some end of season mark downs now.

wow.. you're working na? where do you work? :)

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KD faustino said...

dylana, i was a bit disappointed...to say the least.

KD faustino said...

even daphne osena loves joe, sybil :) i'm not yet working. will start on the 25th though :)

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

cute blazer! i love the swimsuit :) what's your job going to be? :) how exciting!

Lloyda said...

love how you styled this outfit dear! polka dots! i love polka dots

KD faustino said...

Thanks lloyda and Valerie xx

Ai said...

cute outfit :) The top especially :P Its so vibrant and fun ;)

KD faustino said...

thanks ai xx

mommy ek said...

hay oo nga dang! buti you changed your font size dahil hirap din ako magbasa kase maliit nga! lol

KD faustino said...

Hahaha! "older" reader ka ndn ba, ek? ;)