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i heart strawberry


so i'm doing a backward post of the outfits i've worn this weekend since i still haven't received the photos from last friday and saturday. this is what i wore last sunday when we had lunch at conti's in serendra with my brother-in-law's family :) was supposed to wear a no-brainer lazy sunday maxi dress but it was raining heavily that day :( so instead i wore this very cute I <3 STRAWBERRY tank top i got a few months back from a thrift store...it looks new!!!! and fancy cos of all the crystals! and it doesn't hurt that i really love strawberries too :)

amani white blazer
thrifted tank top and chained bag
people are people skinny jeans
boots from canada
chanel faux ring

i had a haircut last saturday and i can't believe he cut it toooooooo short. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!

blogspot is acting up again!!! your comments from my last post are said to be moderated even if i haven't even published them :(


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

such a cute top!
lovin' booties too!

ps. read your previous post and congrats on the metro feature!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

KD faustino said...

awwww thank you babe xx

Zabrinah said...

Nice outfit--I really love it! You look classy and well put together. One of a kind!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


P.S. I really love your blog.

KD faustino said...

"i really love your blog" -- no matter how many times this is/was said to me, it still NEVER fails to make me smile =) thanks zabrinah :)

cher arceo said...

Conti's Mango Bravo, FTW! :) i love how the blazer made the casual outfit complete!

KD faustino said...

oh yezzzzzzzz that huge slice of cake is heaven!!! thanks babe xx

Jackie said...

I love your blazer. Great outfit.


KD faustino said...

one of my fave blzers ever! thanks jackie =)

abby said...

i like the blazer the most! di bale it'll grow back ;D your hair i mean.:D

KD faustino said...

i love the blazer too!!! i love how it adds an oomph to any outfit! i hope it grows back ASAP!!