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something good always happens when...

1 DAY TO GO!!!

the last installment of my backward post...this is what i wore to lunch at nomnom and malling with one of my best friends, abby. something good always happens when...i'm with abby :) she treated me to lunch at nomnomnom (even if it's my resto of choice; wanted to show her one of my fave restos cos i know she's obsessed with the european setting just as i am) because i won't be here for her bday anymore :( then we headed to megamall to shop at f21, (surprisingly) bench (can't believe there are sooo many good buys there and for a cheap price! we both got a cropped tee and i also got a braided belt) and abby went crazy at powerbooks (she also got me lauren conrad's LA candy too because i said i want an easy read during my loooooooooooong flight). 

on the way home, we had bubble tea (i got kiwi which sucks by the way) and we hung out for a while in her room (took polaroid pics of ourselves) before we both headed to different dinner dates (abby was meeting diwi and i went to meet aids, jayvee, xeriane, ben and lev for coffee that eventually led to red ice tea and kebab!)

about the outfit...i just love this cropped jacket. reminded me soooo much of balmain plus i got it for a really really really cheap price at a thrift store =) i just hope thrift stores in canada are just as fab. 

anyway, this might be my last post here in the philippines...i can't believe i'm leaving tomorrow!!! 
i totally love this line from L.A. candy cos i can relate to it (well, partly):

Dana: "Why did you move to L.A.?"
Jane: "To be uncomfortable. My whole life I've always been safe, boring...comfortable. I've had the same friends my whole life. I have a great family. I grew up in a beautiful place. I was really lucky, but I came to L.A. to get out of my comfort zone and do something different."

abby gave me this cute zara top that says: "friends that speak french" cos we're both obsessed with paris like that =P

abby gave me the book, the rope bracelet and the rings while diwi gave me the eiffel tower and paris pendant :)

one of my (well, more of abby LOL) f21 finds that day...a gray bow beanie :)

abby's gift to me from her recent trip to singapore...cotton on shades :)

forever 21 purchases: a gold/pearl bow cocktail ring, j'adore connector ring and a love necklace in bronze :)

thrifted military jacket and chained sling bag
white tank top from my uncle's closet
people are people DIY distressed jeans
studded T-flats from SM
cotton on sunglasses

thank you for your unbelievable generosity not just materially but emotionally, abbs :)
to paris 2014 xx


Joanna Ladrido said...

love ur vest sooooo much!!!!

Jackie said...

I hope you have a safe flight. The top is so cute. Have a great day.


KD faustino said...

thanks joanna and jackie xx

Toni said...

lovely outfit, KD!
love your vest so much! and ur recent purchases from F21!

Perfumed Red Shoes

KD faustino said...

its actually a cropped jacket mala-bolero, toni :) but thanks so much!!!!