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picturesque banff


so here are some pictures from last thursday's trip to banff. it took me a while to upload them because we went to red deer over the weekend, had a bountiful of pinoy foods from sisig, lechon kawali, fresh lumpia, leche flan and bonded over vodka and karaoke with my sister's filipino friends. 

anyway, back to banff. 
banff was simply amaziiiiiiing!!!! it's one HUGE park with different lakes, rockies, mountains and views. notice that i have different set of vests (i put my bonnet on and off too) with me because each portion has a different weather condition from the other...colder and colder i must say but a better and better view each time! i just realized that God is truly unbelievable! 

 to top it all of...we rode the gondola and saw a grizzly bear!!! a real bear out on the woods!!!! this is such a rare occasion so we were really privileged to have seen one (or else the gondola ride would be just blah).

i must go back to banff during winter time. i heard the rockies will be filled with snow!!!!

old navy vest. thrifted denim vest. american eagle striped top. gray skirt given by a friend. bench braided belt. primadonna gray booties. tommy hilfiger bag. ray ban aviators. bonnet from my sister's closet.

 tomorrow we're going to watch the black eyed peas concert. must be lotsa fun. xx

 photos by benj


Janelle said...

i enjoyed your photos so much! :) banff is already in my list of places to go to but just haven't had the opportunity. hehe. anyway, i love that 5th photo and the squirrel. :)

what camera what do you use?

- Janelle


KD faustino said...

Thanks janelle :) my photog/bro-in-law uses a nikon d90 ;)

libys11 said...

aahh gosh.. i miss banff!! i haven't been there during the summer. only last winter.. :) great photos, dear! :D

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mommy ek said...

pansin ko ur always in a skirt ha!!! :)

ur lucky to have ur brother-in-law as a photog and he's also lucky to have you as his model...ang gaganda ng pics! im dying with envy!!!!

JoewardM said...

hey!so you're in canada right now.and looks like your having fun!and i am loving your skirt and the shoes! ;]

Kookie B. said...

KD, that place is so beautiful!!!! my gawd, i want to go there! awesome photos! love the denim vest+grey skirt outfit!

KD faustino said...

@libys ohhhh thats too bad ;( @ek im making the most out of what's left of summer @joeward
Definitely enjoying, thanks babe! @kookie u should go!!!! Its really a wonderful place ;)

michelle_ said...

i really enjoyed these sets of phoots !
glad that you enjoyed banff very much :) the lake scenery is amazing by the way !!

take care and have a good weekend !

abby said...

i agree with the other people who commented on this post, banff is so lovely and your bro in law did a great job with the photos hehehe...special mention ka nalang as the model. lol.;p di ka nagpaparamdam! i just got back from a trip kwentuhan tayo.:D tsup!

KD faustino said...

@michelle glad u enjoyed this post babe xx

@abby palamuti lang pala ko ha! LOL! but its true. benj is a great photog and banff is just amaziiiiiiiiiing! text u!