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one last time from the philippines


so i said in my last entry that it was the last blog post from the philippines but i still have one more and since my flight is still later at 6 pm, i still have the time to make just one last blog post =)

so this was what i wore last wednesday at rockwell...i had to visit my fave mall with my fave people one last time before i leave. my bff nezie and i watched step up 3 (which was super fab! should watch it in 3D!!!) then had a little chat over some yogurt ice cream and window shopped a little...even if what i really wanted was for us to go to burgoo already and have our margaritas. she clearly and successfully diverted my attention because i had no idea they (nez and nelly) have cooked up a surprise for me (at burgoo)! so that's why we can't have our margaritas just yet....HMMM...clever! i was totally shocked and surprised! no one ever surprised me everrrr. well, a few of my bfs before did but i'm really good in terms of spoiling surprises LOL! but i guess my best friends know this special talent of mine and they were really successful...i had zero as in ZERO idea that there would be something like that! 

anyway, they both gave me glow-in-the-dark haviannas and a framed picture of us in this very chic zebra printed frame (wasn't able to take a photo though) and melodramatic little notes. 
i love my bffs ♥♥♥

noel came too and treated us with my fave raspberry cheesecake :)

thrifted blazer and studded flats
acid washed top from my mom's closet
zara harem pants
B Club bag
cotton on shades
f21 love necklace

my next blog post will be in canada!!! 
ciao bellas!!!
bisous ♥♥♥


Ashley said...

so cute! have a nice trip!

Kookie B. said...

awww, you have great friends KD! enjoy Canada and take care there. hope to see you when you go back here in Manila...although I'm not sure when that will be. :)

JoewardM said...

hey i love your shades and the pants! :]

KD faustino said...

thanks ashley and joeward :)

KD faustino said...

so sad wasn't able to meet you up in person, kookie :( hopefully i can see you when i go on vacation there! keep on blogging!

Milda said...

I absolutely adore the first photo, you look so mature and almost like a celebrity!

KD faustino said...

Awwwww thanks milda ;)