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girls gone hog wild!


so today i went with my sister to butterfield acres farm because they have a company outing but we went there with our own car and due to (last minute) unforeseen circumstances, the company trip didn't push through and since we paid for entrance already, we decided to just go around and enjoy the day =) 

we went home just in time for lunch and since the whole day is free from plans, i decided to do my laundry...it's official, i am no longer in the philippines! HAHA! i didn't realize that drying clothes here would take 1 hour per batch! but i was amazed to see that the clothes were really dry and there's really no need for ironing! pardon me and my ignorance =P

my sister and brother-in-law went out for dinner with friends so i was left in the house for the first time. since i've been eating a lot since i got here and before i left the philippines, i've decided to go for a run...and my, oh my, was i tired! i'm really not a fan of running ever since. i find it boring. i like aerobics, yoga and dance when i'm working out. i even hate gym equipments (well, except for the treadmill and dumbbells). in short, i don't know if i'm going to run ever again!!!!

thrifted tube/harem jumpsuit. lace top, green rose ring, sunglasses and eiffel tower necklace all given by friends. tommy hilfiger  crochet bag. keds sneakers. straw hat from SM.

i wish i have a different colored jumpsuit so that the lace top would be accentuated more but come to think of it, i'm just going to a farm anyway ;)
tomorrow we're going to banff....must be exciting!!!! 
bonne nuit 

some photos by me and my sister


xoxo valerie xoxo said...

oh wow, the animals are so cute! and i love your bag :)

michelle_ said...


Charleston said...

great colour popping photos


Janelle said...

hey, i'm glad to stumble upon your blog.. another canadian blogger!! :) anyway, i'm from the philippines too but moved to canada in 2004. tagal na! anyway, i just followed your blog (i have great support for canadian bloggers! haha) come check mine out, and hopefully you follow mine too if you like it. take care and we'll keep in touch! thanks hun!-janelle


KD faustino said...

thank you to all your lovely comments! will visit ur blogs soon xx

KD faustino said...

hi janelle! i've been looking for canadian bloggers as well :) can you recommend some more? even if they're not filipino? thanks xx

Janelle said...

hey.. i have one for you. pero di sha blogspot eh. but he's from vancouver too and a friend of a friend of mine. haha!! i told my friend i wanna meet him haha! anyway, here's the link. http://littlefashionisto.com

that's all i remember at the top of my head. i know there are lots in the blogs i follow. haha! k, keep in touch. hope u follow my blog if you havent yet. thanks.


mommy ek said...

oh dang ur so brave!!! im afraid of goats eversince i can't remember...i had to scroll down fast so i won't see the goats in this blog post...hihihi! afraidy aguilar tlga!!!