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from canada, with love


so i am making my first ever blog entry from canada :) it's 3 am here and i'm having a major case of jetlag! i slept at around 11 pm and was up at 2 am...so here i am making a blog post instead of tossing and turning in my new bed (btw, my new room is looooove! the whole house is actually pretty! will make another post to show you guys).

i must say, i am looooooooooving canada! i thought i'd be uncomfortable here but i've never felt so comfortable in my life!!! each individual is different from the other. i feel like everyone has a story to tell. i'm still trying my best though to converse naturally since canadians do love small talks. sometimes it registers slowly in my head and my answers are delayed...NOSEBLEED!!!!

so here's what i wore yesterday...when i was in the philippines, i rarely wear skirts because i felt awkward like everyone's looking at me but here, i don't feel like that AT ALL! finally, i have the freedom to wear whatever i want :) :) :)

for my first whole day in calgary, we went to the nearby mall. i had to get a phone...i got a blackberry (but in white) curve. i'm still trying to figure it out though. it's so much harder than iphone! i do have an iphone though that i use for when i'm at home and there's wifi :) we had korean dinner at the mall and went grocery shopping too then we went to chinatown for their 100th anniversary to watch fireworks :)

zara studded top
GAP stripped skirt
armani white blazer
anne klein tights
B Club booties
australian chained bag
F21 j'adore connector ring

i had to wear tights and my blazer come evening time because it gets cold!!! but it's good to know that the sun only sets as late as 9pm! i still find that weird up until now...baby steps, baby steps :)

i have to thank God for my brother-in-law Benj. he's my new blog photographer. heaven sent!!! xx


abby said...

cute outfit! hehehe...:D iniimagine ko nalang yung lamig although maulan ngayon so pwede na rin. miss yoooooooou!!! :) bait ni ate new phone ka agad hehe...si mommy new phone din (corby na touchscreen) hala ayan di ako matahimik maghapon sa dami ng tanong hehe...;p

libys11 said...

aahhh you're in calgary!?!! so jealous!!! my bf works there and im visiting him this october! :D im here in winnipeg which quite far from you are right now (14 hour drive, 2 hour flight).

anyway, calgary is great.. the weather can be a b*tch. they always say that you have to be ready since you can experience 4 seasons in one day. it can be sunny in the morning, and then snow in the afternoon.

for malls, go to cross iron mills (major outlet mall and it's new too!). holt renfrew downtown is always a favorite (that's where they sell the designer shoes, clothing, bags). there are a lot of scattered malls here and there too.

to chill or walk around, go to 17th ave and/or kensington ave.

ok, i think i went too overboard with the commenting! hahahahaha!

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KD faustino said...

abbs, you don't know how cold it is here!!! maybe in the future keri ko na magsleeveless pag summer but for now, this is all i can do HAHAHA!!! anyway, it's almost fall here. haaay, i miss ur stories!!!!

KD faustino said...

sybil, thanks for the overload of info! :) my sister actually lives here so it won't be hard for me :) thank you thank you!!! xx

Kookie B. said...

i love this, KD! im actually inggit coz you have better backdrops now...the perks of living in cold countries. :)

KD faustino said...

Hahaha! Ure too funny, kookie ;p you look just as fab with background from the PI :) but thank you, really ;)

Toni said...

lovely pictures, KD! but i esp love the last pic! gorgeous top too!

KD faustino said...

Thanks toni ;) the last pic looks as though someone's calling us from outerspace haha!

Jackie said...

Cute outfit hun. How are you likeing it? I'd love to see more pictures of Canada. Have a great day.


KD faustino said...

Liking it here so far;) thanks for asking jackie ;)