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weekend inspirations

happy weekend lovelies :) :) :) 

what are you up to this weekend? i'm going to show you within the weekend my f21 purchases and what i wore to dinner with my best friends but for now, find inspirations in these. 

photo sources: tumblr, chictopia, stylescrapbook.com, glistersandblisters.com, streetfsn.blogspot.com


how do you like the new background color of my blog? 
too colorful for your taste or just right? lemme know!! xx

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korean kimchi said...

that is so you kd. i love those inspirations :) looking forward to see that on you.

KD faustino said...

babe, you totally know my style already :)

Joanna Ladrido said...

lovew the inspiring photos from bloggers for all over!xx

Me said...

so laid back! i love it. awesome style and blog. i followed you! :)

KD faustino said...

thanks joanna xx

thanks for following "me" :)