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locco over stripes

hi lovelies :) :) :)

i've been really really really busy lately because of SHOP MY CLOSET and i just have no time for facebook, twitter or even my blog! i started my online shop just last friday but i was able to sell three batches already (two of which are sold out and the other one only has 11 items left). i was really overwhelmed with the positive response i got from my friends and even random people. i think the reason why my shop is such a success is because of my blog (outfit posts) too. my friend told me that my advantage from other competitors is that people know i dress well (why, thank you) and the sense of style that i exude (thanks yet again). she said that i know how to style and that makes me different from other online shops (i would like to believe so). 

most of the online shops sell clothes from hongkong and most of these you see in tiangges (you just might be a victim of seeing another person wearing the same thing) but i sell things that are literally from my closet (and no, i don't shop at tiangges. i shop at thrift stores and i am proud of that). 
i think it's just a bonus that i don't sell items above P500 :)

will be doing SHOP MY CLOSET twice a month so watch out for it and add my shop on facebook!! :)

striped vest from landmark
giordano white top
nautica denim cut-offs
thrifted biker boots
ray ban aviators
straw hat
necklace given by a friend

this whole outfit is actually up for grabs at SHOP MY CLOSET but someone purchased it already.


writing4pennies said...

lagot ka sakin binenta mo ung necklace na hinanap ko pa?????????;( hmpfft.

KD faustino said...

shempre accessories not include no :) i don't even want to sell my hat ever!!!!!!!!! texted u.

Lloyda said...

looove the boots!!!

KD faustino said...

thanks lloyda dear xx

Living_in_aShoe said...

great vest!

KD faustino said...

thanks babe xx