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fountain of J's and grays

happy monday y'all :) :) :)

the latter part of last week was such a good week for me. ever since i opened my "shop my closet by thegirlwiththemessyhair" online, i haven't had a decent amount of sleep and i've been running around here and there like a mad crazy woman! but i am grateful for the overwhelming response so it doesn't really matter if i sleep or not. 

so just like any other day last week, i had to meet up a buyer (/friend roni callanta) last saturday in technohub and i was able to meet up with my close high school friends, my two J's jeane and jobs. i was running a bit late, it was raining, i have wet hair and i have to throw in whatever i thought of first. so here i am with my all gray ensemble, crappy hair and ms. chubby cheeks 2010 face. HAHA!!! i know i'm fatter than the usual but for once in my life, i don't feel like dieting at all. i think i've had enough last summer and i just want to enjoy the rainy season in my couch, nibbling on chips and watching DVDs. 

moving on, it was nice seeing my old high school friends. well, particularly jobs because i haven't seen her in a while. we had dinner at the old spaghetti house and coffee at CBTL. i'm glad i still have friends who i haven't seen for so long yet are still my friends like nothing has changed! i love self-governed friends! :) 
 hopefully next time abby and aids can join us!! show yourselves!! HAHA! we missed you :(

TRF striped top
thrifted gray trousers
possibility oxfords
B club black bag
gray scarf
cocktail ring

i had some chance to relax last night and was able to watch when in rome! funny and crazy movie! i wish we can all meet josh duhamel-ish type of guys during weddings! LOL.

if you like what i am wearing, you might want to check out my online shop. 
everyone can view it in this facebook account


Anonymous said...

you didn't tell me naman na you'd meet up with them eh. i was doing nothing last sat. sayang! -aids

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to tell you i miss you!!! see you soon mars! and the rest of team fake smile. love you! :) -me again

KD faustino said...

sorry babe! i thought bf day ang sat! anyway next time! miss you! love you! xx

Dylana Suarez said...

I love your pants!


Toni said...

i love your trousers, KD!
you ladies are gorgeous!

toni perfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

Prutha said...

cute pants


follow if u like what u see?


Nina said...

Cute outfit!

KD faustino said...

thanks for ur lovely comments everyone :) glad i was able to publish ur comments because blogger was kind of acting up yesterday :( thanks :)

KD faustino said...

@aids sorry dear, i didnt know. kala ko it's bf day pag saturday. tska super busy ko lately dear!

Cherry Arceo said...

love your blog :)

KD faustino said...

aawwww thanks cherry xx