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went to watch eclipse last night with my cousins and a couple of their girlfriends...in ULTRA 7!!!! as i've told you in my last entry ultra 7 is the cinema with lazyboy chairs, unlimited popcorn and overflowing drinks (!!!!!!!).  even if our showing time was 11 pm, i guess i could say it was all worth it since it was the ultimate viewing experience. however, i can't relax so much because of the intense scenes in eclipse plus i've forgotten about other scenes and characters already because i've read the book a couple of years back. good thing my cousin trina was there to help me fill in my memory gap and to take some pictures!

i can't recall the last time i was in eastwood but so much has changed! the whole place is just wow! the moment connie and i arrived, the "ooh's and ahh's" were unstoppable. HAHA! the same reason why my cousin trina and i took lots of pictures like we were tourists. i guess i should go out more often ;)

wore my fail-safe  (blazer, shirt and booties) outfit because i was busy the whooooooole day! slept at 3 am the day before and wasn't able to take a rest from the moment i woke up because i opened a "shop my closet" online store and the response was just overwhelming! i've sold 21 items in one day alone!!!! there are 11 items left in this collection so if you're interested, SHOP MY CLOSET HERE.

i am in love with this photo :)

charice, a Filipino singer will be on Glee next season. SO PROUD!!!

my cousin's killer boots! i likey :)

i love connie's nail polish color and her bangle ;)

thank you to abby for this bling bling ;)

thrifted military vest
topshop striped top
get laud leggings
B club booties and bag

we of course took some photos in the cinema even if it wasn't allowed. HAHA!!!

how about you guys? seen eclipse yet? :)

xx bisous xx


Jess said...

Blazers = perfect staples. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

KD faustino said...

thanks jess! :) i did! have u watched it yet? :)

Krimly said...

I have also seen the movie and i like it!


KD faustino said...

glad u loved it dear xx