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easy like sunday morning

happy sunday everyone!!!
went to church early today even if i went home as late as 3am last night (i meant a while ago) and had a sumptuous lunch (nilaga sundays FTW!) too with mom and ding :)

last night, i went to rockwell to meet up with long-time friend choy who just came back from the states. we had pizza at rockwell club with kuya mike and in the middle of our merienda, the rain started to pour so instead of drinking at good earth, we ended up at kabisera. after which we went to distillery and then went to M with nelly, paige, lloyd, jaime and cid. we did take some photos but i don't think there's anything decent enough there to post in my blog HAHA! 

the night was soooo much fun! it was full of reminiscing of the good times we've all shared while we were all working at starbucks (yes, i worked in starbucks for 2 years for those of you who didn't know). haaaay, those were the days....i've missed everyone!!! but all of us have moved on from starbucks and even if our lives are not as crazy now as it was before, we are definitely in a better and safer place :) 

on a very very very very happy note, andy of stylescrapbook.com just visited my blog and left a comment!!!! she loved my last entry which was dedicated for her!!!!!! i seriously died and went to heaven!!!!!!!!! it made my day!!!!!!!! my week even!!!! best sunday EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! je t'aime andy torres xx

hugo boss maxi dress
faux fur vest from canada
old navy sneakers
f21 cross necklace and ring
shades from bazaar

i went to zara too yesterday to see if the blazer i was eyeing for was still there but it wasn't anymore :( :( :( not meant to be :( soooooooo many good sale items at zara esp. the trousers!!!!! i want to buy them allllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!! but i can't because i'm packing all my things soon and i don't want to bring more than enough baggage i can carry because i'm traveling alone...sigh :(


Joanna Ladrido said...

fur + maxi dress= perfection!


KD faustino said...

IKR? :) thanks joanna xx

libys11 said...

im loving the organic yet edgy feel of this look!!! awesome! :D

Animated Confessions

KD faustino said...

sybil, i was supposed to actually entitle it "contrasting elements" cos of the faux fur yet au naturel look of the whole outfit :)thanks babe xx

michelle_ said...


Lloyda said...

this look is great kd! :) maxi dresses are love eh?

KD faustino said...

awwwww thanks so much michelle! my sister gave me the vest :)

KD faustino said...

yes, maxi dresses are loooove, lloyda :) thanks babe xx

Clara said...

lovely blog!

Clara said...

lovely blog!

KD faustino said...

awwww...thanks so much clara!xx