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denim on denim

well, helloooooooooo lovelies :)

i'm such in a good mood today despite all the emotional turmoil that happened yesterday. i'm just really glad that my dad is out of the hospital already and i am officially back home after spending two weeks in the hospital and staying at my grandma's. i'm reunited with my bed and my dog which are my two loves forever :) i also have my internet back since i've been using the hospital's wi-fi (which blocked a lot of sites even blogs!!!) for days! now i can finally finally finally get back to my normal life even for a day...yes, only a day because i have two weeks left before i leave the country and live in canada...FOR GOOD!!!

due to a lot of stress and not having shopping as my therapy (i can't shop anymore because i don't know if i can bring everything), i ate and ate and ate so here i am as my ol' chubby self...sigh :( i will try to stay away from food though for the next couple of days that i'm here. wish me luck!!!

trf gray v-neck top
thrifted denim vest
zara jeggings
people are people skull scarf
possibility oxfords
forever 21 cross necklace

here's what i wore last sunday to church (sans the scarf around my head), shopping for my luggage and dinner with our driver's family :)


JoewardM said...

love the 70s vibe! and i super love the shoes! :]

KD faustino said...

very jeproks? haha! thanks joeward!

mommy ek said...

hay nko dang you better eat all the foods here that you won't be able to eat in Canada cos Im sure you'll miss all of it!

KD faustino said...

that's what i'm doing ek so here i am with all the chubbiness in the world! LOL!

sharonlei said...

Glad to hear you dad is out of the hospital. :)

I have yet to try out the denim on denim trend. I think I'll try maybe different colors of denim, like blue + black or blue + white. :)

Hope you're having a great weekend1

xx Love & Aloha
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KD faustino said...

i'm not so sure actually if i'm a fan of the trend but it works! :)


aboslutely love this look!!!!!!!!!!!!


KD faustino said...

thanks original seed :)

abby said...

i really like this look and again, you are not fat!

hay...ayoko na basahin yung posts mo kasi nalulungkot lang ako. pffffffffft...lalo na't may countdown.:(

KD faustino said...

you like this look? tlga? thanks abbs :) awwwww....love love love yewwww!!!