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wake me up when summer ends


i think this is my last summer outfit post because it is starting to rain already! i'm a fan of rainy and cold days because putting up clothes and dressing up is a lot easier :) i'm so happy that i can use my neglected blazers, boots and tights once again...imma happy lady :) :) :)

don't get me wrong, i think this year's summer is the best i've had because i got to travel all over with old and new friends. i must say i've really made the most out of my summer but it has come to an end and so, a new season begins!!! maybe i should stop wearing tank tops at home and go back to my ol' reliable shirts because after a looooooooooong time, i am actually using my blanket once again!!! i've been so used to clicking the number 3 button on my electric fan too but now i have to get used to clicking number one instead. YAY!!!! 

i recently bought these shorts and i thought i might as well take the opportunity to wear them before summer really really really ends!  and i'm happy that denim jackets are coming back to the scene because i'll get to wear this vintage denim jacket from my grandma's closet once again :)

so goodbye, summer...till we meet again xx

vintage denim jacket
tank top given by a friend
thrifted shorts
platforms from SM
straw hat from Canada
bangles, shades, socks

i'm currently loving the socks + shoes look. do you like? :)
and oh, isn't my dog the cutest??? :)

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mommy ek said...

yeah I also like the socks and sandals look...

KD faustino said...

it's kinda slipery though! HAHA!

michelle_ said...

congrats for being spotted by stylebible.ph :)
i love the socks and sandals combo !

2 more days to enter my We Love Colors tights giveaway

KD faustino said...

thanks michelle xx