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turn the lights on

happy father's day to all dads :)

so how's your weekend, lovelies? my saturday was such a blast but i hate sunday hangovers! i was bedridden the whole day today after partying and going home at 5 am last night! and i plan to sleep as early as i finish this entry which is around 9. i'll make a post about my weekend once i've grabbed all the pictures.

moving on, about the outfit...this lace number was actually a dress before but i cut it and made it into a top. i must say, lace is very hard to cut and sew! it also has a lining before but i thought it would be more updated (and sexaaaay!!!) with the bra showing :) i also don't get to wear my oversized long vest that much anymore since i got it last year from a thrift store so i thought it would be nice to wear to balance the sexy vibe of the whole ensemble. and oh, i haven't worn these shoes for a long time!!!

that's it for now...i'm really sleepy! bonne nuit xx 

DIY thrifted lace top
thrifted long vest
nautica denim shorts
janylin peep toe oxfords
h&m cuff
kultura beaded cuff
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Toni said...

i love your oxfords KD!
great outfit too!

mommy ek said...

I love this entry dear!!! love love love the posing!!! artista? model? ano gusto mo?! ;)

KD faustino said...

ek, ur comments always make me laugh!!! HAHA!!! thank you! thanks also toni :)