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thursday inspirations: stripes, trousers, hats, florals and then some...

this is head to toe flawless for me! i'm gonna rock this look soon!

you think to balance this look, you need a more structured blazer? but the oversized, slouchy one works!

i think that closing all the buttons is a chic look nowadays instead of geeky!

my bff gave me something similar to this leggings/tights but its in light pink and i'm still thinking how to rock it.

by now, you should know that i am a sucker for hats. and oh, wedges are so back!!!

the drapes and that light green color of this skirt is just fab! don't forget the shoes too!

hot pink with black never fails!

i am all about stripes and trousers lately ;)

i need to try the print on print trend at one point

this outfit looks so comfy yet so chic! and those shoes...I DIIIIIIIIIIIED!!!

i see this outfit in sunny LA...brunch, shopping and a happy hour mojito!

crisp, clean, fresh

i am seriously in need of sheer socks!

off-shoulders still rock my world!

another floral leggings/tights inspiration in a lighter shade

i am still craving for more jumpsuits! it's so versatile!

i heard polka dots are back in town too!

photo source: tumblr, chictopia, stockholmstreetstyle, streetfsn.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

truly inspirational! love your blog!!!

Karen said...

i'm sure you can rock the first outfit pretty well with your amazing style, KD! i can't wait to see your post!

KD faustino said...

thank you karen :) it may take a longer time for me to rock the first look since it is still a little hot in our country! but i can't wait!!!

oh, thanks for the anonymous comment too! xx

Allegra said...

she's amazing! i love to read her blog every single day. :D I like your outfit one post below as well. very alexa chung ;)

KD faustino said...

hey allegra, you just made my day with the alexa chung comment :) thank you so much!!!! xx

J. said...

I love the bag!!

Lloyda said...

i love this set!