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Philippine Fashion Week 2010: Day 5

well, well, well...it's the last day of fashion week 
and all good things must come to an end, as they always say :( 

we were all a little sad that it's the last day that we will be all together at SMX for fashion week. being there for almost the whole time was such a fantastic experience and i was really happy to be able to share it with new and old friends alike. i've gained so many new friends during fashion week and i must say, nothing beats being with people with the same passion for fashion :)
we even jokingly called ourselves "the becky magazine staff" cos well, as you know (or you don't), becky in gay lingo means "gay" and of course, i was just one of the gays the whole time :)

about what i was wearing...well, i thought of wearing a skirt because i've worn a jumpsuit already, jeans and shorts. so why not a skirt for the last day, yeah? i decided to go simple with the top. this top was a DIY top and you've probably seen this in one of my DIY entries before. i wanted to wear the dotted tights that my friend jeane gave me as pasalubong from the states so basically i worked my outfit around the tights. i wanted it to be the focal point of the outfit so i kept every other piece simple. please send me a link if you see a picture of me in this outfit (i believe stylebible again). thanks xx

oh, i invited my cousin karla for the last day of fashion week and i didn't let her down! the michael cinco show was just spectacular! well, before that we watched the grand allure show that was waaaaaaaaaay ridiculous. i'm sorry but that's just the way i feel. 
so anyway, before i go on with my reviews, here are other pictures from the last day :)


DIY chain-embellished top
skirt from Landmark
dotted tights from the states, given by a friend
thrifted laced-up boots
B Club bag


we did watch the Grand Allure Collection featuring designers Benjie Manuel, Boying Eustaquio, Cherry Samuya Veric, Emily Sy, Frederick Policarpio, Grace Ong, Joel Bautista, John Herrera, June Pungat, Manelle Chamian, Marc Rancy, Nicky Martinez, Noe Reyes, Philip Tampus, Popo Go and Popoy Barba too but as i've mentioned above, it was just blah. seriously, worst show from all those that i've watched. i'm just keeping it real.

so let's now move on to the amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing PFW grand finale of the genuis, Michael Cinco. 
seriously, i didn't matter if there were some delays because the show was just WOW. it was the most wonderful collection out of all the collections i've watched during this year's fashion week. every single piece in the collection was absolutely and wonderfully done. the pieces were so intricate and dreamy. i had goosebumps all over!!!!! even the way the show was directed and choreographed was so astounding...there was artificial snow and the music was just so perfect for the whole show. it was just breathtaking! we were all speechless after the show. the crowd gave him a standing ovation. he's super the most talented designer ever to grace PFW Holiday 2010, i must say.
that's what you call a FINALE.

some pictures are from stylebible because i wanted to show you guys how wonderful the collection was and other pictures are taken by yours truly. enjoy!!!! xx


till the next fashion week on october...
oh, there's still the metrowear show next week and guess who's going? :) :) :)

a million thanks to paige for all the photos during fashion week and the invites as well. je t'aime xx


Annebeth said...

very chique outfit, love the skirt especially and the shoulder detail! thanks for checking out my blog!

KD faustino said...

thanks lovely xx

Kookie B. said...

that's a nice DIY shirt, KD! wow, the finale collection is beautiful! wish i was there to see it up close!

KD faustino said...

thanks kookie :) it was soooooooo beautiful kookie! you should've watched!!! xx