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party, play, paige


amidst the heavy rains last saturday, the long awaited and overdue welcome back party for paige finally happened! i know paige was a little anxious a few days before the party but it turned out to be a success! i've never seen so much gay people in one room in my entire life! HAHA! but i love the gay community :) i think they are misunderstood and judged but they are the kindest, funniest and most fashionable people alive! since its only now that i'm exposed to this kind of community, i find it really fun to receive texts like, "what's your outfit later?" it's like my best girl friend texting me! and you can wear your fashionable clothes without being judged! 
I LOVE THE BECKYS!!!! :) :) :)

moving on, i know my outfit isn't rainy day material but i didn't know it was going to rain cats and dogs last saturday! when i left the house it wasn't even raining. haaaay, philippine weather is so unpredictable! besides that, paige called me a few days before the party telling me to wear something bright or colorful. after hanging up the phone, i opened my closet and ta-dah, all of my clothes are either black, white or gray! i knew it! i am not really a colorful person. i love wearing neutral-colored outfits because i love sticking to the basics and then giving them my own twist here and there. alas, what i was wearing last saturday is the most colorful i can go. LOL! :) and as usual, as with any party, not everyone followed the theme...lucky for me :)

 thrifted off-shoulder striped top and light pink trousers
wedge and necklace from SM
  garter belt given by a friend
 red cocktail ring

 the day after, paige was suffering from separation anxiety again (the same way we both felt after spending almost a week together during fashion week) so he called. the conversation went like this:

PAIGE: nagulat ako sa inyong tatlo pag pasok nyo ng room sa astoria kahapon. sabi casual diba?
ME: casual naman ako ah. yung 2 mukhang clubbin'.
PAIGE: casual ka nun? mukha kang pupuntang fashion week!
ME: casual ko yun!
PAIGE: fine, casual CHIC pero NOT casual!

HAHAHA! that conversation made my day!
oops, use the translator toolbar if you don't speak Filipino :) 

i might add some more photos in this entry so please come back :)

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mommy ek said...

I want a pair of Toms too!

KD faustino said...

me too! paige told me super comfy daw!!! i want!!!!!!

KD faustino said...
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libys11 said...

astoria!!! aaahh great memories from there! my barkada and i used to book a suite there during their bdays and get wasted! hahaha!! and it;s funny you mention about beckys.. i had gay friends back in ateneo and they were called that too.. i guess it's a universal term now? hahaha!

great party photos! looks like you had a blast.. love your pink pants!! so pretty and stylish!

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KD faustino said...

i knoooooooow. astoria is evil! i went home at 5 am!!! HAHAHA! yes, i think the universal term now would be "beckys" or only in the philippines? :)

thanks for the lovely comment dear xx

korean kimchi said...

well i guess being stylish is in your blood KD. Casual is not so casual after all haha <3

Dylana Suarez said...

Love your pants!


KD faustino said...

thank you korean kimchi and dylana for your lovely comments ;)

Kookie B. said...

very nice outfit, KD! love the pink trousers!

KD faustino said...

thanks kookie :)