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Metrowear YDG/FDCP 15TH Anniversary Gala

hello lovelies :) sorry for this late post. i was supposed to make this post the day after metrowear which was last wednesday but our internet is just acting up! actually, it is acting up until now and i am in a mall with some free wi-fi. i'm writing this blog entry in the middle of all the chaos and noise in the mall which is not exactly the ambiance i was hoping for. so forgive me if this entry would turn out to be a little confused.

moving on, as i've said in my last entry, i went to the metrowear gala last tuesday wearing my new pleat-front mannish trousers. i must say it is comfy but it is not exactly photogenic especially when sitting down. it doesn't help that my top needs a little extra attention too :(

nonetheless, it was nice to hear random people say that they love what i was wearing and i think metro agreed too as i was spotted for the second time by the mag ( first time was during fashion week, issue coming out next month, i think) :)

the fab jigs mayuga and i were so coordinated! as jigs would say, "gray FTW!"

paige with the amaziiiiiiiiing louis claparols

the human being sandwiched by models ann casas and lou garidan. i never felt so small and fat in my life!

thrifted pleat-front mannish gray trousers
plains and prints top
possibility gladiator heels
red skinny belt from SM
tomato silver cuff
girlshoppe cocktail ring
silver mesh sling bag given by a friend

the fashion show wasn't the show i was expecting. i think i expected too much since i knew that robbie carmona will be directing. it started looking like it was ms. universe (another audience even said "anu to wowowee?") because of the awarding ceremonies. but eventually, the show started with the YDG designers and then the FDCP designers. the AVP of the designers dancing was too cute and the choir singing alanis morisette's "you oughta know" actually made the show a little less boring. the collections were actually very promising but i couldn't concentrate because we were standing up and i was wearing heels. add to that the fact that i already had 3 glasses of champagne even before the show started. i think for the first time in years, the after party (held at member's only) was more of a blast than the actual show. but i do loooooooooooooove louis claparols collection! SUPER FAB and one-of-a-kind :) i kept saying "i would buy that" :) 
congrats louis (i am not being bias here) and thanks for the invites!

photo source: stylebible, slitz mag, facebook 

here are some of the photos from the after party at member's only 

cheers to a succesful show! congrats veejay :)

 till the next fashion show! xx

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Krislyn said...

i LOVE what you're wearing in this post! you look very chic and sophisticated.

KD faustino said...

awww...thanks krislyn xx