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j'adore emanuelle alt

it has come to attention that a number of people don't know who emanuelle alt is. this is such a sad news for me because emanuelle alt is one of my fashion icons :( for those of you who don't know anything about her,
emanuelle alt is the fashion director of paris vogue since 2009.

so why do i adore her? well, if you are a follower of my blog, you know that i love blazers and boots. emanuelle's collection is just to die for! sure, some of them are basics but basics are staple...and well, others, mostly others are BALMAIN!!!!! emanuelle is a walking balmain! she just is. she looks like she came straight out of a balmain closet or runway...and you know how much i love and adore balmain!

i love the fact that emanuelle is not a fan of dresses because i am not really a fan of them too. i love menswear and she just mastered it! i've never seen emanuelle in a dress. well, maybe i've seen her once or twice. she does love tights too which i absolutely adore also :)

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves now.
j'adore emanuelle alt xx

photo source: facebook, google

so are you a fan now? :) :) :)

i find it absolutely adorable that she repeats her clothes!!! xx

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cherie said...

i found myself looking for a blazer because of her. she is absolutely chic!!

KD faustino said...

a blazer is definitely a staple in any closet :) glad she inspired u dear xx

Kookie B. said...

i love Emmanuelle Alt's style too! she's the rocker in me! haha!

Viv said...

great post, i'm a new fan!


Marie-Louise said...

she is such an inspiration

Sophie said...

love her blazer!

KD faustino said...

happy that everyone is a fan!!!! :)



Unknown said...

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