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interviewed by a scarlet

one fine day, i got this lovely comment from a girl named scarlet april telling me that she tagged me in a post. the post included eight questions and it kind of reminded me of the questions that candymag.com sent me before when they featured me in their style files. even if i answered some of these before in the past features, i will answer them again (because sometimes answers change) and hopefully you guys would get to know me even more :)

1.) What do you do for a living?
      I am a home-based writer for a US-based website.

2.) What is your blog name and why?
      Well, i named my blog thegirlwiththemessyhair because seriously, i am not vain when it comes to my hair. i brush my hair once a day after i take a bath and that's about it. my hair is naturally wavy and i don't intend to have it relaxed or rebonded. i love how my hair says, "i don't care if i'm messy. i am a hot mess!" HAHA :)

3.) If you could raid one's closet, whose closet would it be and why?
     Just one, dear?? Okay, if i have to settle to just one closet, i'll say Emanuelle Alt's. her blazer and boots collection are just to die for (i smell Balmain!)!!!!! Can i raid Nicole Richie's bag closet too? I just can't settle with one especially if there's too much Chanel and Balenciaga in Nicole's closet, can I? LOL :)

4.) What is your favorite movie?
      My all-time favorite movie would have to Under the Tuscan Sun. I just love the whole setting of the place, the story, the way that it was narrated, the characters...I'm completely and utterly fascinated with Tuscany. Other movies that i love are The Holiday, The Beach, Blue Crush, 50 First Dates, Sweet November, The Lovely Bones,  Breakfast at Tiffany's and Definitely, Maybe.

5.) Who is your style icon?
      As you can see in my side bar, my style icons are the Olsen twins (i love how they are not afraid to try new things), Paris Vogue's Emanuelle Alt (she's just mastered menswear chic and took power dressing to a whole new different level which means you do not have to wear a dress all the time), Olivia Palermo (she looks classy no matter what), Nicole Richie (she's just the epitome of effortless chic) and Andy Torres of stylescrapbook.com (because she's a real person with real clothes and chic at that!). 



6.) Why did you start blogging?
      I've been blogging since I was in college but my blog was more of like a journal (this was through livejournal.com). When multiply.com came, i started blogging about what i was wearing whenever i go out. I was basically inspired by preview magazine's best dressed list so it became more of an outfit journal. I started taking my blog seriously as a fashion blog when i transferred to blogspot.com last year (april 2009) hence the birth of thegirlwiththemessyhair.

7.) Your own fashion style?
      Relaxed, effortless and street chic but always with a certain je ne sais quoi. For me, the best looks are those that look like it weren't too thought about. 

8.) Where do you usually shop?
      I shop at Zara, Mango, People are People, and the Ramp. I also love SM Department Store and The Landmark. Thrift stores, my mom's and grandma's closets for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. I love my uncle's closet too for menswear chic finds.

photo credit: tumblr, google, stylescrapbook.com

THERE YOU HAVE IT! i hope you guys enjoyed and learned more about me through my answers. 
if you have any other questions that you'd love for me to answer, please do not hesitate to comment in this post (or other posts) and ask awaaaaay just like what scarlet april did :) 

because i feel the need to pass this interview on, i am tagging 
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have fun answering you guys! bisous xx
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michelle_ said...

i love her boots ! and hair as well..

Scarlet April said...

hello there dear! thanks for answering! i really love your choice of fave style icons. in fact, i would love to include them too but that would make a looooong list. haha! thanks again!:)

KD faustino said...

thanks michelle xx

KD faustino said...

thanks for the questions, scarlet :) i knooooow....i have a long list too but these are my ultimate faves!!! xx