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i got some sheer, a little bit of leather and a whole lot of black

hello tuesday! tuesday is the only time on weekdays wherein i can be relaxed because i don't have to work (although i have a lot chores to do and i go to church with mom at night) and that only means one thing, i have time to blog! :)

i've never been this excited with any outfit before! i don't know but there's something about this outfit that makes me giddy to share it with everyone. i've been thinking about the sheer top i found in my mom's closet (which is originally my sister's but she sadly admits she was the one who bought it) ever since lace became a trend again. i thought the sheer top would be so perfect with blazers (just like lace tops). then a few days ago, i saw stylescrapbook and theblondesalad wearing their sheer tops and i knew i just had to revive mine (it's mine now, ha!). 

the original plan was to wear it with a blazer but i thought it would be perfect with these high-waisted leather shorts i bought last friday from the thrift store (guess how much i got it for??)...and wahlah, it didn't disappoint me! it looks so much in sync...like it was meant to be! :) :) :) plus i've always wanted to rock the closed button button-down polo look ever since i saw liz uy rocked it a couple of times during philippine fashion week.

when i twitpic the first photo for my sister to see, she said she loved it and it looks like a "sosyal na kontrabida (classy villain)". i really wanted to show her that this sheer top can actually be reinvented in a way that it won't look hoochy.

whoever said that sheer with leather is hoochy, didn't know how to style ;)


sheer buton-down top from my sister's closet
thrifted high-waisted leather shorts
H&M round toe pumps
chanel 2.55
cocktail rings

i have one problem with these leather shorts though...you have to make sure that when being photographed, it is all ironed and straightened out because a few wrinkles would make it look like you have a bulge (note to self: maintain proper posture all the time). HAHA!!!

but tell me...the hair pulled back and braided is so perfect for this outfit, yeah? :)

♥♥♥ bisous ♥♥♥


Kookie B. said...

KD, i looooooove this outfit! i've been looking all over for vintage leather shorts!!! you're lucky to find one!

KD faustino said...

awww thanks babe! guess how much i got it for, kookie? :) P50!!!! TOTAL SCORE!!!!! im sure you'll find one soon! keep digging in thrift stores! HAHA! :)

mommy ek said...

ang cute! pero di ko keri yan! conservative ang lola mo!!! hahaha! and makikita ang tahi ko sa tummy part! LOL

KD faustino said...

it's high waisted, ek. im sure di makikita tahi mo :P plus this is actually very conservative ha. well not conservative CONSERVATIVE but not sleazy.

camerafilmroll said...


KD faustino said...

that means a lot coming from you becks! thanks xx

Maddalena said...

Looove see through tops!

KD faustino said...

me too! thanks maddalena xx

Teresa said...

This outfit looks really good on you! I really like the way you combined a sheer shirt with leather shorts in a way that looks classy. :)


KD faustino said...

thanks teresa! exactly the look that i was going for :)

Lloyda said...

i'll add you to my blog list k? love your blog! :)

KD faustino said...

oh lloyda dear :) thanks so much, you made my day xx