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celebrity sightings

this is just WOW, rachel bilson!

sienna miller rocking those boots!

this one is so candid! ME LIKEY :)

this spells C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y

click! give it to blake.

haters gonna hate. i love these two.

don't you just miss lost?

you are one lucky girl, scar jo! fyi, ryan reynolds is my love.

 just some people are just not meant to be...

i can't wait for the next season to start, S and B!

nicole + chanel = PERFECT MATCH

cutest best friends EVERRRRRRR!!!

rachel bilson, you make me proud to be a Filipino. sucha VAMP!

one of my fave looks from miley :)

this scene was just hilarious!

who cares about wardrobe malfunction? i loved emma in this dress!

best looking couple EVERRRRRRR!!!

i am not liking hayden's new hair! it makes her look ollllllld.

photo source: tumblr

just sharing some celeb photos that i love :)

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My Lack of Style said...

Love Sienna Miller! <3

KD faustino said...

love sienna too! thanks for visiting my blog, lovely xx

Scarlet April said...

hi there!

I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I must say I adore your blog! :)

btw, i tagged you in my POST

do check it out if you have the time. thankies!:)

KD faustino said...

awwww...thanks lovely :) i just checked it out and will answer it one of these days xx

Clara said...

lovely pic
great blog!

My Republic of Fashion said...


KD faustino said...

thanks for all your comments, lovelies xx

Clara said...

you can use the translator who is in the sidebar of my blog.
so you can translate to your language and understand each other :]

libys11 said...

i agree with your hayden hair comment!! that first photo of rachel bilson is fab fab fab!! and i love gg too! :D gorgeous dresses in that photo! :D

Animated Confessions

KD faustino said...

ow. thanks for that clara :)

KD faustino said...

@libys IKR??? i love hayden's beach waves and now its just blah. i hate it!!!